Dec. 31, 1997More scans added for the Beatles Sheet Music page, including the Songbooks Beatles Forever Vol. One, Vol. Three, and Vol. Five; 50 By Lennon & McCartney, 51 by Lennon & McCartney, and The Beatles Beat. For the Sheet Music Section we added Yellow Submarine...
Dec. 29, 1997Here's information on a Canadian Beatles fanzine The World Beatles Forum, which just published its 11th issue...
Dec. 27, 1997Added a reference guide for the Beatles 8-track tapes with more than 50 listings... more scans are on the way...
Dec. 26, 1997More scans added to our Beatles Reel-to-Reel Tapes page, including A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles ("white album") Ampex issue, Beatles VI, Meet The Beatles Capitol version, Meet The Beatles Ampex issue, and Revolver Capitol 3-3/4" version.
Dec. 25, 1997Added a page to our Beatles CD's section on the USA CD singles collection box set issued in 1992. Scans are included for the front and back covers of all 23 discs...
Dec. 24, 1997Added the eleven known solo tape releases to our Beatles Reel-To-Reel Tapes page. Scans added include All Things Must Pass, Beaucoups of Blues, Concert For Bangla-Desh, Live Peace In Toronto, McCartney, Plastic Ono Band, Ram, and Sentimental Journey.
Dec. 23, 1997Added a page to our Beatles CD's section on the USA CD EP collection box set issued in 1992. Scans are included for the front and back covers of all 15 discs.
Dec. 22, 1997Added 6 more scans to the Beatles Reel-to-Reel page, including Beatles '65, Early Beatles, Help!, Let It Be, Rubber Soul, and the Beatles Second Album.
Dec. 21, 1997Added sixteen new scans to the Magical Mystery Tour Price Guide and Reference page, including an original sealed USA mono LP issue, an original sealed USA stereo LP issue, the USA final vinyl 1995 issue, the unique-cover LP issues from Germany and Israel, the 1992 UK CD issued in an HMV deluxe box set, the US long-box CD issue, US standard CD issue, US current issue with EMI/Capitol sweepstakes, a Chapter One MMT outtakes CD, and a non-EMI Japanese MMT CD issued as part of a 15 disc series. Also added were scans of the US CD EP box set, which included an exact CD-size reproduction of the 1967 Magical Mystery Tour EP jacket, complete with full booklet but including both mono and stereo CD's. The box set also included a bonus 15th CD EP which included stereo versions of The Inner Light, Baby You're A Rich Man, She's A Woman, and This Boy.
Dec. 20, 1997New scans and listings added to our Beatles Sheet Music section including A Hard Day's Night, I Don't Want To Spoil The Party, I Me Mine, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, and Mother Nature's Son. Added to the Solo Sheet Music section were Letting Go, Living In The Material World, and Spies Like Us. Also added 4 Beatles songbooks - the elusive Magical Mystery Tour, Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1972, Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1977, and The Beatle Sound. Plus a unique Hansen Publications 8-page sales sheet that lists sheet music and books.
Dec. 19, 1997Fans of George Harrison's All Things Must Pass Album won't want to miss this most interesting letter written by Phil Spector to George during the making of this historic album...
Dec. 18, 1997Updated the Beatles Anthology video release page to include 20 scans and full details on the incredible Beatles Anthology Sneak Preview video promotional package.
Dec. 15, 1997Updated the Beatles Sheet Music page to include values and other information. More pricing, listings, and scans coming soon.
Dec. 07, 1997More on the Butcher cover- the interesting text of the original Associated Press newswire release concerning the Butcher cover controversy, June 1966...
Dec. 05, 1997Started a page on John & Yoko's Wedding Album box sets...
Nov. 28, 1997Added a scan and listing of a rare Columbia record Club version of the Revolver Songbook to our Beatles Sheet Music section.
Nov. 23, 1997Added more photos and listing to our Butcher Cover Discography, including an early Butcher slick deciding logo placement, and the 5th of 5 different alternate trunk covers. Here's a photo showing for the first time, all 6 different trunk cover designs...
Nov. 21, 1997Trilingual Beatles movies! Started a page on the just released Beatles Digital Video Discs, featuring A Hard Day's Night, Help!, and Magical Mystery Tour. All three can be played with English, Spanish, or French tracks and the same choices for subtitles! All have interactive menus and chapter search capability, while Help! and A Hard Day's Night also feature biographies.
Nov. 14, 1997Information added to our Butcher Cover Discography on the counterfeit detection of the 1966 Butcher cover promo poster from Capitol. If your poster has this blue spot area on it next to the main title writing, it's a fake...
Nov. 13, 1997Updated and added new scans to the Introducing The Beatles Discography and Price Guide.
Nov. 12, 1997Added two new Songbook scans to our Beatles Sheet Music Songbooks section: the White Album version 2 and the White Album version 3. Added four scans to the Solo Sheet Music Songbook section: Dark Horse, Extra Texture, Sometime In NYC, and Somewhere In England.
Nov. 10, 1997Here's a scan of the 4-color separations for the Butcher cover, added to the Beatles Butcher Cover Discography.
Nov. 09, 1997Updated the page on the Alan Livington pedigree Butcher covers, with full details of this significant discovery told for the first time!
Nov. 08, 1997Added a scan of a newspaper ticket order form for the Beatles last live show at Candlestick Park to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
Nov. 07, 1997Here's a nice unreleased photo of the Beatles in Cleveland, September 15, 1964.
Nov. 06, 1997Added Crackerbox Palace and Coming Up to the Solo Sheet Music section, plus New Beatles Guitar Solos, Glass Onion, and P.S. I Love You to the Beatles Sheet Music page.
Nov. 05, 1997The Beatles on DVD - MPI home video has announced the release of 3 Beatles films on the new Digital Versatile Disc format. A Hard Day's Night ($24.98 list), Help! ($24.98), and Magical Mystery Tour ($19.98) are set for release on November 14th. First U.S. Visit will probably follow very soon. Can Let It Be be far behind?
Oct. 29, 1997Here's more information on TOON Magazine, which recently featured an extensive 10-page article on The Beatles Cartoon shows from the 60's. The quarterly issue was Vol. 3, No. 2, Summer 1997. The publisher is BlackBear Press, 2517 Sycamore Street Suite 152, Simi Valley, Ca. 93063. Contact them for the price and availability of this issue, mention that you saw it on this website. Some larger magazine vendors may still have copies in stock.

Darren English of Australia has put together an excellent website detailing all of the episodes plus lots of other information about this very popular TV series. He plans to publish a book on the cartoons very soon.
Oct. 25, 1997Here's the cover of the exciting new VJ book that is being published in February, titled: Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Fabulous Beatles Records on Vee-Jay. More details coming soon.
Oct. 21, 1997We have been searching for years to find all of the 11 different poses taken for the Butcher cover photo session, there were 8 in color and 3 in black and white. Up to now, we had accumulated eight- here's the ninth alternate Butcher shot...
If you would like to see all nine photos together, click here.
Oct. 11, 1997Added a 1965 Song Book New Beatle Guitar Hits to our Beatles Sheet Music section. Even though at this time we are only listing Sheet Music from the USA, in the future we will be adding some examples from other countries. Here's a nice example of the original 1966 Rain from Sweden.
Oct. 06, 1997Added more than 26 new scans and listings to the Beatles Sheet Music page and the Solo Beatles Sheet Music Page. These sections now contain more than 275 listings with 150+ images. More on the way.
Oct. 05, 1997Added several more scans to the Beatles Reel-to-Reel Tapes page.
Oct. 04, 1997Here's an interesting Yellow Submarine Sing-A-Song Storybook
Oct. 03, 1997An absolutely INCREDIBLE new Beatles book has just been published, covering the Beatles Polydor, Decca, and Star-Club recordings and history... 8" x 12" hardbound, 480 pages (!!) packaged with a bonus limited edition authorized Polydor EP that includes the first ever release of Sweet Georgia Brown in stereo. Beatle fans now have the definitive history on these important releases! Read more about the book and see scans of the EP on our Cavern To Star-Club book page...
Oct. 01, 1997Added scans of the 1960's Apple Records matchbook.
Sep. 28, 1997Updated the Beatles Comic Books page, adding several new listings and scans. This section now features 43 listings.
Sep. 26, 1997Updated the Magical Mystery Tour Collectors Page, adding more listings and scans.

If you're interested in The Beatles Cartoons shows from the '60's, be sure to pick up the current quarterly issue of Toon Magazine. It features an extensive 10-page article on the series, including a complete list and description of all 39 episodes.

Sep. 25, 1997Added 6 more scans to the Granola Dipps flexi-disc page, including the front and back of the chocolate chip box, plus the other four disc variations in the series.
Sep. 24, 1997Added two more scans to our Beatles Sheet Music page - Twist And Shout and
You Can't Do That.
Sep. 23, 1997Added info and scan for the John Lennon whiskey decanter issued by Alpha Industries in 1981. Also added a few more scans to the Beatles Comic Books page.
Sep. 22, 1997Added several more listings to the Beatles Sheet Music page, bringing the total number of titles to 149 - not counting variations...
Sep. 19, 1997Added a custom search engine to our Quick-find index page allowing fast searches of our entire site by words or phrases.
Sep. 18, 1997Put a few more scans on the Magical Mystery Tour page, including the 30th anniversary issue EP from Japan, a piece of the original seat, and the 3-3/4" and 7-1/2" ips reel-to-reel tapes.
Sep. 17, 1997Here's our new Magical Mystery Tour Collectors Page, including a list and price guide of more than 75 collectibles related to the Magical Mystery Tour album and film.
Sep. 16, 1997Added a scan of the ultra rare 5" version of the Kingston Trio/Beatles disc to our flexi-disc page.
Sep. 15, 1997Added a page on the John Lennon Granola Dipps flexi-disc giveaway to our Records and Discs section.
Sep. 14, 1997Updated the page on the Magical Mystery Tour EP to include more variations and the CD-EP box set release.
Sep. 13, 1997Added more scans of Beatles Concert Tickets, including variations of - Atlantic City 1964, Memphis 1966, and our sixth and seventh variations for Candlestick Park 1966.
Sep. 12, 1997Added many rare and unique tickets to our Beatles Concert Tickets section - The Beatles 9/3/64 in Indiana, the very scarce and previously unpublished Kansas 1964 $2.00 variation, 9/18/64 in Dallas, 8/12/66 in Chicago, and our fourth and fifth Candlestick Park variations. We now have scans of almost 50 near-mint full Beatles tickets, more on the way soon...
Sep. 11, 1997Added a nice scan of the 12" laserdisc version of the USA Ready Steady Go! Special Edition: The Beatles Live to our Beatles Laserdiscs page. The McCartney, Imagine, and Back To The Egg LP songbooks were added to our Solo Sheet Music section.
Sep. 10, 1997Lots of new scans for the Beatles Sheet Music page: new songbooks added - Abbey Road, The Second Golden Beatles Album, a second version of Let It Be, The Beatles Top Pop, and Yellow Submarine; new Solo Sheet Music sheets added - All Those Years Ago and Blow Away.
Sep. 09, 1997Added an extremely scarce full unused ticket from the concert in Pittsburgh September 14, 1964 to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
Sep. 08, 1997Added a scan of The Latest Beatlebook of Recorded Hits No. 2 to our Beatles Sheet Music page.
Sep. 07, 1997Day off
Sep. 06, 1997Added listings and scans for the two Japanese 5" Video disc singles - Once Upon A Long Ago and Birthday to our Beatles Laserdiscs Price Guide.
Added 2 more scans to the Beatles Songbooks section - Something New and Yesterday...and Today.
Sep. 05, 1997Here's the page on Brian Epsteins 1966 tour pass along with other info pertaining to the Beatles 1966 tour. More will be added...

Sep. 04, 1997Added a scan and track listing for the Ringo Starr Live in Japan Blockbuster CD
Sep. 03, 1997Added the scarce Baltimore 1964 full ticket to our Beatles Concert Tickets section
Sep. 02, 1997Started a new price guide section featuring Beatles Reel-to-Reel Tapes
Sep. 01, 1997Added an Apple With Compliments card to our Memorabilia and Photos section.
Added a scan of a full unused ticket for the Alchemical Wedding Christmas Party, held at the Royal Albert Hall December 1968.
Here's a page on a unique Apple EP CD from the UK.
Aug. 31, 1997Added a scan and information on The Beatles 1962-1970 promo CD to our page on the related George Martin Interview promo CD.
Aug. 30, 1997Updated the First Beatles videotapes page with more information on the releases and history-making lawsuits.
Aug. 29, 1997Lots of new sheet music scans and listings. In the Beatles Sheet Music section, we added All My Loving, Come Together, Don't Pass Me By, Get Back, Money, and Old Brown Shoe.

In the Solo Beatles Sheet Music section, we added several listings plus scans for Band On The Run, Cold Turkey, Give Me Love, Give Peace A Chance, Listen To What The Man Said, Press, and Silly Love Songs. We now have more than 115 sheet music scans, including Beatles, solo, and songbooks. More on the way!

Aug. 28, 1997Added the scarce bleachers admission ticket for the Beatles Candlestick Park concert to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
Aug. 27, 1997Complete scans and info on the rare Beatles, Beach Boys and Kingston Trio flexi-discs, including the 5" version, the incredibly rare mailer-sleeve (seen for the first time), and the envelope insert.
Aug. 26, 1997Added the very rare Maple Leaf Gardens 1965 ticket to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
Aug. 25, 1997After doing a section on Beatles Sheet Music, we received a lot of requests to add solo titles. Here is the start of a new section on Solo Beatles Sheet Music.
Aug. 24, 1997Exciting news for Vee Jay collectors and Beatle fans - a large book is now being put together encompassing the entire Beatles/VJ Records story and history. Every 45, EP, and LP release with variations; promotional records, posters and displays; artwork and slicks; inside notes, purchase orders and other correspondence. The definitive VJ/Beatles story. Approx. 200 pages (estimated size), dozens of illustrations. Early 1998 projected release date. If you have any rare VJ material, photos, or related information to contribute, please contact us. Stay tuned to this page for more details and previews in the months ahead...
Aug. 23, 1997Added a page on a rare VJ Records promotional poster to our Documents section.
Aug. 22, 1997Added to our Quick Menu page an expanded Master Index featuring over 150 links within our site.
Aug. 17, 1997Added a listing and scan of The Beatles Guitar Beat sheet music book to the Beatles Sheet Music section.
Aug. 16, 1997Added several new scans to the Beatles USA Picture Sleeves page, including all three Jukebox EPs- Meet The Beatles, Beatles Second Album, and Something New. Also added the rare Hard Day's Night George Martin sleeve, the Murray The K re-issue interview, and the Meet The Beatles Open End Interview.
Updated the page on the unreleased Girl / You're Going To Lose That Girl single.
Aug. 11, 1997Added a few more scans to the Beatles Laserdisc Discography and Price Guide page. Work in progress: An extensive article about the printing and manufacturing of Beatles album cover slicks, including new information on the Butcher cover album never before published...
Aug. 02, 1997The Beatles - George Martin Promotional Interview CD, issued in 1993 by EMI...
Added information on a great Beatles Fanzine from England, Off The Beatle Track.
July 27, 1997Here's a page on one of the rarest of all U.S. commercially released CD's - so far only ONE known copy has turn up of this recently discovered pressing of John lennon's Double Fantasy CD...
Also added a second ticket variation of the 1965 Houston show to our Beatles Concert Tickets page.
July 26, 1997Added a scan of one of the finest condition Beatles record players in existance to our Record Player page.
Added more scans, information, and pricing adjustments to the new Pictures Sleeves Price Guide section. Added a scan showing original artwork to the Hollywood Bowl page and updated the Quick Menu page to separately list all 8 of our Beatle On Line Price Guides sections. Also added the Quick Menu to the top of the main page.
July 24, 1997Our next price guide section has now been started, featuring all U.S. Beatles picture sleeves from the first one released in 1963, to date. So far, we have compiled nearly 60 listings with more than 40 high quality scans. More details, information, and scans will be added soon.
July 22, 1997More than 70 cover scans have been added to the new Beatles Laserdiscs Discography & Price Guide section, as well as more detailed listings.
July 20, 1997Added the Let It Be songbook to our Beatles Sheet Music page.
July 18, 1997Finally started our long awaited Beatles Laserdiscs Discography and Price Guide.
So far we have over 100 listings from the U.S.A. and Japan! In the weeks ahead we will be adding pricing, scans, and more variations and listings.
July 17, 1997Added a page on the unique 1969 Polydor Canadian album, Very Together...
July 16, 1997Added a new listing and scan to the Beatles Sheet Music Books section, 50 Hit Songs Composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney.
July 10, 1997Added three more scans of Beatles sheet music books to the Beatles Sheet Music books section, A Hard Day's Night vocal edition, Guitar edition, and a second variation of Help. Also added the sheet music for Here Comes The Sun.
July 05, 1997Added a scan of the ticket for the 9/16/64 concert in New Orleans to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
July 04, 1997For several months we have been working on a section listing the different releases of Beatles sheet music. But Hanson Publications also produced sheet music BOOKS for most of the Beatles albums, as well as other interesting compilations...We have put these all together in a new section listing all of the known releases on our Beatles Sheet Music page. So far we have 11 scans of these books, with more coming soon...
July 01, 1997 For our Butcher Cover Discography section, added a scan of the Japanese CD Real Stereo Album, which includes a collage of session photos on a one-sided foldout mini poster. Click here and here to see the pictures.
June 30, 1997Added 6 more scans to our Beatles Sheet Music section, including Blackbird, Boys, Don't Let Me Down, Free As A Bird, Real Love, and She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. This brings our total to 67 scans of sheet music out of 125 listings...
June 24, 1997A lot of activity in our Beatles Concert Tickets section. New ticket scans have been added for Atlantic City 1964, Jacksonville 1964, Seattle 1964, a third variation for Kansas 1964, Houston 1965, San Diego 1965, and Cleveland 1966. We now have scans of 39 different Beatles tickets...
June 20, 1997Added a very rare Shea Stadium 1965 ticket to our Beatles Concert Tickets section, as well as the scarce afternoon ticket for the Toronto '66 show at Maple Leaf Gardens. Also added a second ticket variation for the 1965 Chicago show, and upgraded the scan of the 1966 Cincinnati ticket...
June 16, 1997Upgraded and added some more information to our page on the History of the VJ "Ad-Back" LP, a part of our Introducing The Beatles Discography and Price Guide. We answer the question as to why most Beatles Discographies incorrectly list the release date as July, 1963 instead of November 1963...
June 15, 1997Here's a nice scan of the stunning new Midnight Beat triple CD box set that everyone is raving about, "The Making of All Things Must Pass"...What a pleasant surprise in this, the 10th anniversary year of the bootleg CD!
June 14, 1997Listings and scans added for the Top of the Pops and Casualties CDs to the
Yesterday and Today/Butcher Discography.
June 13, 1997Added a listing and scan for the Listen To This Sticker sticker. This section now features 30 items from the original Walls and Bridges promotional campaign.
June 12, 1997Added a couple of counterfeit / reproduction items to the Beatles Edibles section, including the common Beatles Fan Club gumstick.
June 11, 1997Upgraded the Beatles U.S. Concerts chart to include # of tickets sold for each show.
June 10, 1997Started a table on Counterfeit versions for the new VJ Introducing The Beatles Discography and Price Guide page, including scans.
June 9, 1997Added the section on the Vee Jay Introducing The Beatles albums (see "June 8" below). Throughout the next few weeks we will be adding many more scans of covers and labels, as well as fine tuning and adding information on variations and other facts related to this album. Our goal is for anyone to be able to easily determine a whether a copy of Introducing The Beatles is real or fake, and from there determine what version they have and the value.
June 8, 1997We probably get more inquires about the Introducing The Beatles album than on any other subject about Beatles collecting. It is the most bootlegged and counterfeited album in history, with more than 99% of all copies turning up being fakes. There are more than 25 variations of originals, and countless more variations of fakes. So, in a joint effort with Perry Cox and Robert York, we are designing a comprehensive illustrated page on the Introducing The Beatles album. We will include full descriptions of originals, reissues, and counterfeits, and how to tell the difference, plus a price guide chart for all known variations of all issues. It will be laid out in an easy to read format so than collectors can more easily determine which issue they might have. Coming soon!
June 7, 1997Added a page on the Capitol unreleased picture sleeve for Girl / You're Going To Lose That Girl, explaining how many exist, the stock singles and bootleg stock issues.
June 5/6, 1997The Capitol unreleased picture sleeve for Leave My Kitten Alone, real or fake?
A letter has recently been circulating questioning its authenticity. Here's the story...
June 4, 1997Updated and revised our Beatles links page, adding logos.
June 3, 1997Added a Perky Pies card advertising a FREE VJ EP to our Beatles Edibles section.
June 2, 1997Scans of the Red Jet Electric toy guitar, and the New Sound Guitar were added to our Beatles Instruments section.
Updated the page on The 910 Magazine- if you collect underground Beatles CD's, this is a must! Two new issues were just mailed last week, featuring reviews and information on some incredible new releases, plus the 910's Guide to "All Things Must Pass" - (highlighting a new release with 3 hours of pristine ATMP outtakes). Reviews include a new Hollywood Bowl Live CD featuring all 3 shows complete and in stereo!, a new CD called "Gone Tomorrow" with previously unbooted White Album outtakes, and even a new Rutles bootleg...
June 1, 1997Added a scan of Teen Confessions # 31 to our Beatles Comic books page.
Added Wheat Honeys and Rice Honeys boxes to our Beatles Edibles section.
May 31, 1997Upgraded the page on Beatles 7" bootleg picture discs...
This has been up awhile but may have been missed as it is on the bottom of a page on UK export albums - an alternate shot from the Beatles VI photo session.
May 30, 1997Here's an uncropped photo that was used for the original Happy Christmas picture sleeve, added to our John photos section... Added more info to the Let It Be box set page, with scans of the reproduction Get Back book and how to tell the difference from the original.
May 29, 1997Here's a rare trunk cover alternate photo poster made in 1974, a nice addition to our Butcher Discography and Price Guide section...
Also updated the page on the Let It Be box set release.
May 28, 1997Since our section on Beatles trading cards was so detailed (listing gum packs, boxes, master cartons, etc.) someone wanted to know if we had a picture of the truck that delivered the cards to stores...well, in fact, here might be the rare Topp's Hard Day's Night Truck...
May 28, 1997Added a photo of the box that the Yellow Submarine alarm clock was packaged in...
More fine tuning, details, listings and scans added to the Beatles Edibles Price Guide and Picture Gallery section, now organized into categories, and featuring 50+ items!
May 27, 1997Major upgrades to the listings and scans in our Incredible Beatles Edibles - Price guide and Picture Gallery section. Gum card packs, wrappers, and boxes have been added, both US and UK., even Ringo Candy Rolls from Argentina! This new section groups together, for the first time, a comprehensive illustrated list of all Beatles memorabilia pertaining to food - candy, ice cream, bread, gum, etc. There were lots of "edible" products on the market in the 60's, and most of course were discarded, making some impossible to find today. Our list of over 40 items includes products that have never been documented before, previously unseen photos, and current market values and other details. Some of this memorabilia is now selling for thousands of dollars!
May 26, 1997Until 2 months ago, there were no known tickets or stubs in collectors hands for the Beatles NY Paramount Theater charity benefit concert held September 20, 1964, the last show of their '64 USA tour. Two stubs recently turned up from people who originally attended the show, one of which is shown in our ticket section.
Also added a unique Richard Starkey signed document to the Documents, Artwork, and Posters section.
May 25, 1997Added two more items to our Beatles Incredible Edibles section, the rare Hood 6-count ice cream box, and the more common Hood paper wrapper.
May 24, 1997In our Records & Discs section, added a page on the variations of the original 1970
Let It Be with book box set, including a chart with values.
May 24, 1997Updated the Beatles Yeah Yeah Candy page to include several new scans - the front & back of the carton box, the Ringo Puppet, and all 6 variations of the individual boxes.
May 23, 1997Added scans of the Nestle's Quick Chocolate and Strawberry cans. These are incorporated into a new memorabilia section on Beatles Edibles- to include candy, gum, ice cream, licorice and other food-related items. Many new scans, descriptions, and values have now been added for the listings.
May 22, 1997Added Personality Comics Presents: Music Comics On Tour - The Beatles, to our Beatles Comic Books section.
May 21, 1997Listen To This Release Sheet flyers added to the Walls and Bridges page.
Also added a scan of a display-bin flyer for the Let It Be boxed set with book package. This will be the start of a page to feature the Let It Be box set releases from 6 different countries, including a 1980's perfect repro book.
May 20, 1997Revised and updated the page on Movie Posters, and added a scan of a rare UK Help! poster.
May 19, 1997Revised the page on the First Beatles bootleg CDs to include info on the legendary Ultra Rare Trax series...
May 18, 1997Added a copy of the Yellow Submarine poster that comes with the comic book to our Beatles Comic Books section.
May 17, 1997Added pages on the Beatles Yeah Yeah Candy and Harmonica box to our Memorabilia section.
May 16, 1997Added a scan of My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean to our Sheet Music section.
May 15, 1997Here is a page with some information and scans on the different Flaming Pie CDs from the US and UK, more to be added...
Started a new section on Beatles movie posters for our Memorabilia category, including scans, release & variations information, and a price guide. More posters, facts and scans will be added in the weeks ahead. The section will also be expanded to include other related movie memorabilia...
May 14, 1997Here it is! The rarest piece of Beatles sheet music, never before documented until now....
May 13, 1997Around 1976 when the first home VCR's appeared on the market, collectors immediately starting trading Beatles videos, transferred from 16mm and 35mm film. Two years later, a California home video company offered the FIRST Beatles videos commercially.
May 12, 1997Here's the final detailed proof, and the most interesting story behind the recently discovered Canadian Butcher Cover album - a letter from the Capitol of Canada executive who turned it up along with a Canadian butcher cover slick.
In a continuing quest to add rare and unique Beatles rarities to our website, we have found several items previously undocumented in any books! For our memorabilia section we have added two items among the rarest of Beatles memorabilia, a Mastro Industries Guitar - PROMOTIONAL DISPLAY VERSION (shown along with a standard version), including a chart listing of all other guitars issued in the 60's. Next, the complete Yellow Submarine 5-piece desk set from 1968, one of the scarcest of all Yellow Submarine items. We have also updated the page on the Yellow Submarine Alarm Clock, one of which was recently purchased by Ringo.
May 11, 1997Added two more titles to our Beatles CD Rarities section, the Ringo Starr Old Wave / Smell The Roses promo CD, and the 30th anniversary I Want To Hold Your Hand promo CD.
May 10, 1997All eight volumes in our Photos of Unique Beatles Rarities series (now featuring over 121 sections!) have been redesigned. Icons are smaller on the menu pages to enhance loading time. Items within each section have been alphabetized, and "back" and "next" links are now at the top of every page allowing quicker scanning through the listings. Many pages and sections have also been updated with new information, scans and layout improvements.
May 09, 1997Day off
May 08, 1997Added 11 new scans to the Sheet Music section, bringing the total number of cover scans to 60. Scans were added of a second version of A Taste of Honey ("Choral Sound"), plus Dig It, I'll Cry Instead, I Saw Her Standing There, I've Got A Feeling, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Kansas City, Long Tall Sally, One After 909, She's A Woman, and Two of Us.
The rarest piece of Beatles sheet music will be added/featured next week.
May 07, 1997Two more scans for the Comic Book section, Not Brand Echh # 8 and # 13.
May 06, 1997Added more information to the Comic book and Ticket sections, including a redesign of the main comic book page; listings of the different color (seating section) variations for tickets, and a couple of new ticket scans.
Revised the 8 main "menu" pages for Photos of Unique Beatles Rarities for a dramatic increase in loading time. Also reduced the loading time on many other pages through redesign and image file storage. Many other pages will also be revised in the interest of loading time (but not at the expense of photo image quality).
May 05, 1997Upgraded & revised the Beatles Comic Books section, adding collectors information and a Beatles Comic Book Price Guide chart. Also added 6 new titles to the Sheet Music section, bringing the total to 123. Scans will follow...
May 04, 1997Redesigned and condensed our home page...It will now load very quickly, and from it you can easily go to the main expanded menu page, to this What's New page, our Beatles For Sale page, and the Quick Menu page. This makes it much easier and faster to directly access areas of our site that you want to visit.
May 03, 1997Added a scan of a second ticket for the Kansas City 1964 concert to our Beatles Concert Tickets section, as well as tickets for Memphis 1966, Atlantic City 1964, and St. Louis 1966.
May 02, 1997Added a scan of A Taste of Honey to the Sheet Music Section.
May 01, 1997Three more scans were added to our Beatles Comic Books section, Go-Go # 2, Heart Throbs # 101, and the rarest Beatles comic, Complete Life Stories export version.
Also added a listing and information on an UK interview CD containing a Beatles interview taped the same day and place as the Butcher cover photos were taken.
Apr. 30, 1997Lots of new ticket scans and information has been added to the Beatles Concert Tickets section, including a second variation for the Candlestick Park show, the unscheduled Kansas City show in 1964, and the rained-out 1966 Cincinnati show that caused the Beatles to play two shows in one day, the only time they did this on their US tours. The Shea Stadium and other ticket pages have also been updated, and more is on the way!
Apr. 28, 1997Added a scan of the Beatles Album Art Collection Series Yesterday...and Today cover to the Butcher Cover Discography section.
Apr. 21, 1997Added a scan and information about the PINK VINYL A Hard Days Night album, one of the world's rarest records, in our Photos of Unique Beatle Rarities Section.
Apr. 20, 1997Added a scan and information about the Beatles Record Player to the Memorabilia section
Apr. 19, 1997Added a scan of a UK Butcher Cover postcard to the Butcher Cover Discography section.
Apr. 18, 1997Added 5 more scans for the Sheet Music page, including a second variation of Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da, Glass Onion, Rocky Racoon, Ballad of John & Yoko, and All I've Got To Do. This brings our total to 46 scans so far...
Apr. 15, 1997More scans for the Sheet Music page, including For You Blue, From Me To You, I Wanna Be Your Man, and She Loves You. Many more will be added during May, including the rarest piece of Beatles sheet music - a previously undocumented and unknown issue...
Apr. 12, 1997Added a scan of a trunk cover bootleg EP to the Butcher Cover Discography Section as well as a listing and details on the recently discovered and verified Canadian Butcher cover album...
Apr. 04, 1997Added 3 more scans to the Sheet Music section, all of which are rare hard to find VJ songs: Please Please Me, Thank You Girl, and Do You Want To Know A Secret.
Apr. 03, 1997Started a major update the Tobe Milo Records page, which will feature scans and details for every Tobe Milo release plus alternate covers, unreleased issues, documents, artwork and more. So far more than 20 scans have been added for the front and back EP sleeves.
Also updated the page on the Tollie EP, including new scans.
Mar. 30, 1997Why is the Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane 3" CD from the U.S. so rare, and why is Penny Lane the 'B' side? It's all explained in our section on the 22 Capitol CD3 releases.
Mar. 26, 1997Added scans to the Butcher Cover Discography of the Capitol Rarities album, front and gatefold, a counterfeit "first state" butcher, the bootleg double LP Live In Houston plus
a reissue of the LP, and a scan of the Yesterday and Today poster # 2 in a series.
Added a scan of one of the two different Listen To This Envelope envelopes in the Walls & Bridges section, a scan of the Mo's Songs 6-CD set showing all of the discs and cover, and the UK Top Stars bubblegum box featuring the Beatles and other artists.
Mar. 25, 1997A new addition to the memorabilia section, Beatles Hairbrushes and promotional flyer.
Also added some unique photos of John to the memorabilia and photos section...
Added a recently found photo of one of the sealed stereo Beatles &Frank Ifield albums discovered in 1976. This photo is of the first of the 3 found copies and was sold for $600 to Kelsy Crossman of Kent, WA USA.
Mar. 22, 1997Added a complete listing of all 305 lots with prices realized that were offered in the March 22 Bonham's Tokyo / London Beatles Auction. The tally from the bidding came to $1.1 million! Paul's Hoffner guitar sold for $202,955, his birth certificate for $72,900, but McCartney won a court judgement blocking the sale of the Penny Lane lyrics...
Mar. 21, 1997In order to make it easier and faster to navigate through our site, we have added a new Quick-Find Index page. It will be expanded to include more listings and sublistings, and the link added to several places around the site. Just click on any Quick-Find logo to link to the Quick-Find index page.
Mar. 20, 1997Added Summer Love # 47 to the Beatles Comic book section.
Started a new section under Beatles CDs titled Beatles U.S. 3"CD singles, including scans of all 22 Capitol releases, front and back.
Added the rare Mo's Songs 6-CD set and rare Capitol M&E Conference promo to the Beatles CDs section.
Mar. 17, 1997Added more scans to the Butcher Cover Discography, including the 7" blue box reel to reel tape, the 7" brown box reel to reel tape, the 5" reel to reel tape and a re-issue copy of the Top of the Pops EP.
Also added U.S. $ prices to the auction listings for the Bonhams Beatle auction and a scan of the original Penny Lane Barbershop up for auction.
Mar. 16, 1997Added city, date and venue listings for all of the Beatles' American concerts in 1964, 1965 & 1966 to our Beatles USA Tickets section.
Mar. 14, 1997Updated the John Lennon Listen To This... Walls and Bridges page including 2 recently discovered UK items and newly discovered USA items.
Also added a recently discovered variation of the blue alternate Yesterday...and Today
trunk cover to the Butcher Cover Discography section.
Added a list of highlights with estimated prices for the upcoming Beatle auction in Japan (after the auction, prices realized will be listed). Included are scans of a Beatles drumskin, Paul's Birth certificate, Paul's school mathbook, his Hoffner bass guitar, an original
Sgt. Peppers gold record award, the hand written working manuscript for Penny Lane, John Lennon's afghan worn on the cover of Magical Mystery Tour, and the Penny Lane Barbershop!
Feb. 27, 1997Three new scans for the Butcher cover Discography. The 1990 PDL Butcher cover box set advance release featuring a bonus maxi-CD and an advance promotional Butcher cover picture disc from PDL.
Feb. 27, 1997Added more scans to our Sheet Music section, including Chains, Help!, There's A Place, Yes It Is, and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away.
Feb. 25, 1997Beatles For Sale - "The Ultimate Beatles Auction". Information on the upcoming International Beatles auction in Japan. It will be broadcast world-wide via cable TV and satellite!
Feb. 18, 1997Shown for the first time ever, the sales presenter copy of the Stereo Butcher cover.
For the complete story click here
Feb. 15, 1997Added 2 more photos to the Beatles at Abbey Road Studios Tour section, including the bootleg 12" album and a shot of guests inside the studio.
Added the cover letter sent with the advance video package for the premier of the Beatles Anthology TV special
Feb. 12, 1997Started a new section on Beatles sheet music from the 60s, with high quality color scans.
Feb. 11, 1997Added more items to the Butcher Cover Discography page, including a newly discovered Customer Response Letter from Capitol Records concerning the Butcher cover, and the pasteover Peek-a-boo peeled Butcher cover.
Feb. 10, 1997Added two more listings to our Photos of Unique Beatles Rarities Vol. IV, a Hard Days Night slick and an alternate Let It Be slick. Also added 2 more listings to the Beatles Comic Books page, Not Brand Ecch # 9 and Not Brand Ecch # 12.
Feb. 9, 1997Scans of some of the rarest Yesterday and Today items have been added to our Butcher Discography section... a sealed mono pasteover, a stereo peeled copy wherein the cover was removed intact, the poor quality counterfeit mono Butcher slick made in the 1980s, the Capitol 1966 "Incredible" promo poster, the 'B' side of the Chicago Beatlefest Butcher cover picture disc, a 1966 slick of the Trunk cover, the Canadian mono Trunk cover, the Capitol purple label re-issue and black label reissue, an Apple label issue, a full photo of the advance Butcher cover with quotes, The orange label Capitol reissue version, the Capitol green label standard issue and Record club issue, more coming soon...
Feb. 8, 1997Added LP scans to the Butcher Cover Discography, including the stereo Butcher picture disc "commemorating" Beatlefest, The Casualties picture disc and album, a stereo first state butcher in shrink, a Canadian stereo Trunk LP, and the Japanese Trunk LP.
Also redesigned our home page, now with a clearer layout and improved descriptions.
Feb. 6, 1997Added 9 more scans to the Butcher Cover Discography section, including the 1976 issue of Creem magazine with cover story showing a first state sealed mono Butcher cover, the first advertisement using the Butcher photo - the 1966 UK EMI ad for the Paperback Writer / Rain single, the Beatles on the cover of Time magazine 1967, the Backtrak CD with alternate Butcher photo, the Yesterday and Today 45 single that was issued with a Butcher Cover CD box set, a limited edition print of a color Butcher photo, the purple alternate Yesterday and Today slick test printed alongside an Al Martino cover, a cover scan of the PDL Butcher cover CD, and a scan of the Yellow Dog CD with alternate Butcher photo.
Feb. 5, 1997Added a graph showing the value of a sealed mono Butcher cover over a 26 year period.
Feb. 4, 1997Added 6 more scans to the Butcher Cover Discography section, including the Trunk cover Norwegian Wood EP from Australia, the issue of Record Collector magazine from Britain with an extensive article on the Butcher Cover, a cover scan of Perry Cox's second edition Beatles Price Guide showing a stereo first-state Butcher cover, an early issue of Beatlefan magazine with a cover story on the Rarities album, the Yesterday...and Today 8-track tape, and 2-track Playtape.
Feb. 3, 1997Added more scans to the Butcher Cover Discography section, including the Bradford Exchange Plate, the P.D.L. Disques Butcher Cover CD, the Phoenix Co. OMR-5 mono Butcher CD, the stereo Butcher cover CD # YAT-140, another stereo Butcher Cover CD # STCD-2553, the Top of the Pops7" EP, and the Paperback Writer UK 7"picture disc.
Also added scans of Teen Confessions # 37 and Tippy's Friends Go-Go & Animal to the Beatles Comic Books section, and updated comic book list.
Feb. 2, 1997Added a page on alternate Hey Jude / Beatles Again cover slicks to our Photos of Unique Rarities Vol. IV section.
Jan. 31, 1997Started volume VIII of our Photos of Unique Beatles Rarities series, a section featuring Beatles and Beatles-related COMIC BOOKS.
Jan. 29, 1997Added more tickets to our USA Beatles Concert Tickets section, along with more details and concert photos.
Jan. 28, 1997Added White Album 2-track Playtapes to Rarities Vol. 6 page.
Jan. 26, 1997Started volume VII of our Photos of Unique Beatles Rarities series, a section featuring Beatles USA Concert Tickets.
Redesigned home page with smaller images and less clutter to improve loading time
Jan. 25, 1997Added new listings, prices, and more detailed information for the Yesterday...and Today Butcher Cover Discography and Price Guide.
Jan. 23, 1997Added photos and information on the Beatles In Seattle page.
Jan. 18, 1997Reduced the size of approximately 25 of the largest images on the site for the benefit of faster loading times.
Jan. 17, 1997Added scan of the Paul McCartney "McDonalds" cover from Creem Magazine.
Jan. 10, 1997Added scan of Butcher Cover poster.
Added new listings to the Recent Sale Prices of Beatle Collectibles section.

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