Here is a chart showing the value of factory sealed mono Butcher covers from the first known documented sale in 1974 to the most recent sales in 2000, plus projections to the year 2006. It was collector Jerry Osborne's auction catalog in 1974 that listed, for the first time, a near perfect copy of a first state sealed mono Butcher cover. The winning bid was $457.00, which seemed like a lot of money to the new owner, but the beauty of it somehow made it worthwhile to pay then-unheard of dollars for a record album.

The chart values have been calculated throughout the years based on actual sales from a variety of collectors and dealers, and include averaged sales of many different copies with slight grade and pedigree differences. Note that the values usually represent high grade or pedigree copies. Some sealed albums may have wear, bent corners, torn shrink wrap, etc. Value can vary significantly based on condition, even though sealed. Livingston copies always bring a premium. The average annual increase in value, representing 32 years from 1974 to their estimated worth in 2006, is now over 100% per year...

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