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The following is a history and list of the nearly 100 known original titles of Beatles sheet music songbooks issued in the U.S., starting in 1964. A complete sheet music/book collection would comprise over 400 pieces, not including countless reissues and variations. There are over 285 examples pictured on these pages. Our eventual goal is to have every known sheet and songbook illustrated, including all known variations. Images, values and other details will be added and updated regularly, including information never before published

Original Beatles songbooks

For most of the Beatles albums released, a companion song book was also produced. Hansen Publishing was the official publisher of Beatles sheet music and song books. These song books contained sheet music notation for the songs on the album, as well as lots of pictures of the Beatles from the time. Often filler material from any and all sources was used - for example, some song books of the mid-1965 Help! era used photos from A Hard Day's Night. These books were all issued in an 8-1/2"x 11" format and range from 16 pages to over 100.

Along with album songbooks, many other music books were produced. Some had alternative arrangements such as Choral, accordion, trumpet and other instruments. Below is a list of all known songbooks from collector sources as well as from the advertisements on the back of some of the books.

Charles Hansen Publishing released the songbooks under three different nameplates: Charles Hansen Publications, Keys, and Sheet Music Institute/Top of The Forties. Songbooks printed between March of 1964 and August 1967 have the Keys logo, some songbooks printed between October 1965 and May 1970 have the Charles Hansen Publishing wordmark or logo, and some songbooks printed between October 1967 and September 1969 have the Sheet Music Institute/Top of The Forties logo. Some early books use a Pacific Popular nameplate and some late-sixties books say 'Elite', but no further information is known at this time.

All original Hansen songbooks have a print and date code printed on the outside back cover of the book. From 1964 to late 1966 the print and date code appeared on the back in a format the same as the sheet music. F3M indicated a print run of 3,000 (3M means 3,000 to a printing company). After 1966, the print and date codes as well as a stock number were printed on the back page with the date first, following by a letter code (meaning not determined at this time) and sequential stock number. An original songbook would have a date code that is close to the original release date of the album or songbook.

Songbook specialties

Songbooks often had photo sections which were often pulled out and no doubt taped to walls or ceilings. Early books also had the Beatles fan club application form. Some books also have outer wraps and these are quite highly sought-after, both because it usually means a well-kept book, especially the back page which was often fully covered, but also because the information on the wrap is unique to that book.

Some examples of wrap-around covers are the Revolver songbook, one version which has a 1966 USA Tour map and listing on the back of the wrap-around cover, and another from the Columbia Record Club featuring a 12-page wrap-around cover with pin-ups and fan club information. The original Sgt. Pepper songbook has the Pepper cut-outs on the inside back of the wrap-around, while the 1970 reissue has them on the back. The white album songbooks came with a separate poster that had all four Beatle pictures on one side and the lyrics to the songs on the other, with the album poster pictures printed on the first inside pages of the book itself. One highly sought-after prize is the poster that came with the Abbey Road songbook. With the poster still attached to the inside front cover and intact, this songbook almost triples in value.

Songbook reprints

Title Year Publisher / Pages NM Value
Abbey Road - Piano/Vocal 09/69 Elite / 80 pgs $ 25.00
w/poster $60.00
Abbey Road - Guitar Combos
(Illustrated with three period color photos and two black and white in the inner cover.)
09/69 Elite / 80 pgs $ 25.00
w/poster $60.00
Abbey Road
(Guitar Recorded Versions, superbly transcribed).
1993 Hal Leonard / 112 pgs  
Abbey Road Simplified Book 1      
Abbey Road Simplified Book 2 02/70   $ 40.00
A Hard Day's Night - Accordion Book 09/64 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 60.00
A Hard Day's Night - All Organ 08/64 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 50.00
A Hard Day's Night - Band 08/65 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
A Hard Day's Night - Combo 09/64 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 80.00
A Hard Day's Night - Guitar 08/64 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
A Hard Day's Night - Home Players Book   Hansen  
A Hard Day's Night - Stage Band 12/64 Hansen $ 75.00
A Hard Day's Night - Stage Dance Band Book   Hansen  
A Hard Day's Night - Vocal 02/65 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
Apple Songbook, The   Hansen $ 60.00
Apple Songbook, The
(various Apple artists. This is a plastic spiral bound volume. The book has numbered pages up to 211. The front cover is a cut-out of a jukebox. The next sheet is another black cardboard sheet with a green apple similar to the apple in the Magical Mystery Tour Album booklet. The book is divided by sections for each artist. The artists are George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, Yoko Ono, Lon & Derek Van Eaton, Billy Preston, Jackie Lomax and Rahda Krishna Temple. One of the oddities thatís included is the the copyright for Don't Pass Me By which is listed as published by Apple Publishing as it originally was instead of the updated Startling Music. That was most likely an oversight.)
Beatle Beat1964 Metric Music $ 40.00
Beatle Beat Dollar Line1965 Hansen $ 20.00
Beatle Book For All Instruments 03/65 Hansen / 20 pgs $ 25.00
Beatle Book For All Instruments No. Two 02/65 Hansen / 16 pgs  
Beatle Book of Recorded Hits, The
("Souvenir Song Album")
03/64 Keys / 48 pgs $ 40.00
Beatle Book of Recorded Hits, The
("Sing Along Album")
02/64 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 40.00
Beatlebook of Recorded Hits No. 2, The Latest ("Souvenir Song Album No. 2") 02/65 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 25.00
Beatle Guitar Beat, The 05/65 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Beatlemania 1967-1970 Vol. 1 1980 ATV / 127 pgs $ 15.00
Beatlemania 1967-1970 Vol. 2 1980 ATV / 127 pgs $ 15.00
Beatle Sound, The (For Easy Piano) 04/64 Hansen / 20 pgs $ 40.00
Beatles, The (white album)
version 1 (white cvr)
01/69 Elite / 112 pgs $ 25.00
Beatles, The (white album)
version 2 (black cvr)
03/69 Elite / 112 pgs $ 25.00
Beatles, The (white album)
version 3 (black/wht cvr)
08/69 Elite / 112 pgs $ 25.00
Beatles' Band Show, The (Football Formations!)      
Beatles Bass Book, The
(Includes a one page catalog. No photos, includes off the record bass guitar transcription of 19 songs).
1990 Hal Leonard / 80 pgs  
Beatles Campfire Book
(6" x 9" size)
08/64 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 30.00
Beatles Complete 10/68 Hansen / 152 pgs $ 30.00
Beatles Complete
(This featured all songs recorded by the Beatles except all Harrisongs and Startling Music USA controlled songs. Group 1969-1970 joint compositions such as Dig It and the Beatles arrangement of Maggie Mae, while copyrighted to Northern Songs, Harrisongs and Startling Music, were controlled in the USA by Maclen/ATV, hence their appearance in this book. This book also includes songs written by Lennon and McCartney but not recorded by the Beatles (World Without Love, Come and Get It, I'm in Love, etc.) Strangely, Warner Bros. choose to include four solo Beatle songs (Give Peace a Chance, Cold Turkey, Instant Karma, and Oo You). On the careless end, the transcribed version of The Fool on the Hill is not the Beatles' version but the Sergio Mendes and the Brazil 66 version. You Won't See Me is the Anne Murray version. One should note about most "Beatles Complete" songbooks (notable exception, Cherry Lane's "Compleat Beatles") is the song sequence. Hansen tended to arrange its versions in alphabetical order. In this case the songs are sorted first by year and then by alphabetical order (more or less). All I've Got to Do is copyrighted 1961(?) and 1964.)
05/76 Warner Bros. / 477 pgs  
Beatles Complete for Easy Guitar 1977 Warner Bros. / 353 pgs  
Beatles' Dollar Book of Songs, The 04/64 Shattinger Intl. Pub
16 pgs
$ 25.00
Beatles Deluxe Souvenir Guitar Album, The      
Beatles' Fabulous Favorites No. 1 (Trumpet, Clarinet and Saxophone) 03/64 Keys / 4 pgs $ 20.00
Beatles' Fabulous Favorites No. 1 (Guitar and Accordion) 03/64 Keys / 4 pgs $ 20.00
Beatles' Fabulous Favorites No. 2 04/64 Hansen / 4 pgs $ 20.00
Beatles Fake Book, The
No pictures. These are "fake" arrangements for 200 Beatlesongs. "Fake" meaning the lyrics, a lead melody line, the chord name and chord chart for guitar. Supposedly fake books were originally bootleg books that lounge players used. The idea was that if someone requested a song that the musician didn't know, he or she would look up the title in one of their fake books and "fake" a new arrangement to the song. Now just about every print publisher has at least one version of a "fake" book albeit legally. Some songbooks under the title of "concise" follow the same premise but these usually include more than sheet music).
1987 Hansen / 176 pgs  
Beatles First Four 1988 Hal Leonard $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. One
(5th Anniversary Series)
04/69 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. Two
(5th Anniversary Series)
07/69 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. Three
(5th Anniversary Series)
1969 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. Four
(5th Anniversary Series)
04/70 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. Five
(5th Anniversary Series)
04/70 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles Forever Vol. Six
(5th Anniversary Series)
01/70 Hansen / 66 pgs  
Beatles' 4-Way Fake Combo Book, The 05/65 Hansen / 20 pgs $ 40.00
Beatles Greatest Hits for Harmonica 1977 Creative Concepts /
95 pgs
The Beatles Guitar Book
(includes 17 songs).
1990 Hal Leonard / 88 pgs  
The Beatles Guitar Techniques
(No pictures. A technical book utilizing transcribed sections of about 80 songs spanning the Beatles career to demonstrate the guitar techniques used by the Beatles. Includes intros, riffs and many solos).
1993 Guitar School/Hal Leonard / 144 pgs  
Beatles Hot 40 09/65 Hansen $ 30.00
The Beatles Keyboard Book
(No pictures. A well done book off the record transcription of 23 Beatles songs. In some cases only the piano part has been transcribed as in Oh Darling. In Lady Madonna both the piano and tenor sax are transcribed. In all cases the vocal and lyrics have also been arranged).
1993 Hal Leonard / 128 pgs  
Beatles Live At The BBC
  Hal Leonard  
Beatles No. 2 01/70 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles No. 3 07/69 Hansen / 16 pgs $ 15.00
Beatles VI 07/65 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
Beatles '65 01/65 Keys / 32 pgs $ 30.00
Beatles Souvenir Music Book, the      
Beatles' Story, The 01/65 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Beatles' Top 40 Book
(later pressings included wrap-around 1/2 cover promoting "Help!".)
07/65 Hansen / 96 pgs $ 40.00
Beatles' Top 40 Plus Pop Songbook
(Interesting note- the arrangement of I Me Mine inside this songbook is NOT the version from the album but the movie version...)
08/75 Hansen $ 40.00
Beatles' Top Pop The Very Best of The Beatles   Hansen $ 40.00
Best of The Beatles Music Book, Authentic Sounds off the Record: A New Concept In Popular Arranging Book 1 08/66 Hansen $ 25.00
Best of The Beatles Music Book, Authentic Sounds off the Record: A New Concept In Popular Arranging Book 2 12/66 Hansen  
Big Beatle Beat Drum Book, The 02/66 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Big Note Beatles Guitar 01/70 Hansen / 96 pgs $ 20.00
Compleat Beatles Vol. One
(The first 117 pages included many pictures, interviews, essays by famous critics and musicians, discography, and filmography, etc. This set of volumes was planned in the late summer of 1980 according to BIllboard magazine. Since it was finished and released in 9/81, it tended to slant a bit more towards Lennon following his death a few months earlier. This was common for most books published through most of the 80s and some in the 90s. This volume featured songs from 1962-1966 following the old Capitol album versions up to Yesterday...and Today. It was reported that this would be the ultimate for transcriptions for Beatles songs. That was highly exaggerated. It did, however, feature the only transcription of ..can you take me back where I come from... after Cry Baby Cry. At least in most cases they were in the proper keys or at least informed you of the recorded key (if the books arrangement was transcribed in an easier to play key). It was apparent that ATV had a higher regard for their catalog than Michael Jackson does. But then again in the early 1980s the attitude to commercial use was just beginning to change for the worst).
09/81 Dehilah / ATV/Bantam /
Cherry Lane / 510 pgs
Compleat Beatles Vol. Two
(The first 85 pages contain pictures, interviews and essays. This volume starts from Revolver (1966) and goes through Let it Be (1970), with the addition of Give Peace a Chance and Imagine. Vol.'s One and Two were issued together in a cardboard slip case, and they were also available separately. We believe Bantam distributed the books to bookstores, while Cherry Lane distributed them to music stores.
09/81 Dehilah / ATV/Bantam /
Cherry Lane / 510 pgs
Complete Beatles
(2 volumes)
1988 / 900 pgs  
Complete Beatles Transcriptions:
The Blue Book

(No pictures. Includes six songs arranged for a small band "exactly as the Beatles sang and played them". Well, at least close. The arrangements in this series of books differ somewhat from the arrangements available in "The Beatles Complete Score", in fact they complement each other. This volume features: Can't Buy Me Love, Day Tripper, Here Comes the Sun, Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Penny Lane (transcribed in C Major, should be B Major), and Yesterday).
10/87 Hal Leonard / 64 pgs  
Complete Beatles Transcriptions:
The Green Book

(No pictures. This volume features Come Together, Got to Get You into My Life, I Saw Her Standing There, In My Life, Let It Be (single version), Strawberry Field Forever, and Ticket To Ride).
10/87 Hal Leonard / 70 pgs  
Complete Beatles Transcriptions:
The Red Book

(No pictures. This volume features All You Need is Love, Back in the USSR, Good Day Sunshine, The Long and Winding Road, Michelle, Paperback Writer and Please, Please Me).
10/87 Hal Leonard / 72 pgs  
Complete Beatles Transcriptions:
The Yellow Book

(No pictures. This volume features A Day in the Life - Compliments "The Beatles Complete Score" with the orchestra build-up transcribed more or less. The effort was appreciated - , A Hard Day's Night, Eight Days a Week, Hello, Goodbye, I Feel Fine and Something).
10/87 Hal Leonard / 72 pgs  
Dollar Beatle Book ALL ORGAN, The 1964 Hansen $ 20.00
Early Beatles, The 09/65 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Easy Beatles Guitar Solos 1 05/69 Hansen $ 20.00
Easy Beatles Guitar Solos 2 06/69 Hansen $ 20.00
Everybody Plays The Beatles 1970    
40 of The Latest and Greatest Lennon & McCartney 06/69 Hansen $ 10.00
50 by Lennon & McCartney   Warner Bros. / 120 pgs $ 20.00
51 by Lennon & McCartney   Warner Bros. / 120 pgs $ 20.00
50 Hit Songs Composed by John Lennon & Paul McCartney 07/65 Hansen / 52 pgs $ 25.00
Fresh Beatles, The09/69 Hansen / 40 pgs $ 40.00
Golden Beatles, The1965    
Golden Beatles Album, The First
(A second-run reprint was issued 01/70)
01/68 Hansen / 96 pgs $ 20.00
Golden Beatles Album, The Second 01/68 Hansen / 104 pgs $ 20.00
Golden Beatles Album, The Second (catalog) 01/68 Hansen  
Golden Beatles Album, The Third 02/68 Hansen / 94 pgs $ 20.00
Golden Beatles Album, The Fourth
(A second-run reprint was issued 03/70)
03/68 Hansen / 112 pgs $ 20.00
Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1972
(includes reissue of poster that was originally issued in the Abbey Road Guitar book.)
1972 Hansen / 152 pgs $ 30.00
Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1974
(Includes reissue of poster that was originally issued in the Abbey Road Guitar book. Basically the same as the previous edition except that some of the solo Beatles songs were substituted with the then relatively new Harrison, McCartney and Starr songs. The pictures are the same and the message from the publisher is altered. All editions of this songbook came shrink wrapped since the poster wasn't attached to anything in the book.)
03/74 Hansen / 152 pgs $ 25.00
Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1977
(includes reissue of poster that was originally issued in the Abbey Road Guitar book.)
1977 Hansen $ 25.00
Great Songs of Lennon and McCartney 1973 NY Times / 288 pgs $ 40.00
Help! 10/65 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
Help! Songs by Lennon & McCartney
(with one by George)
09/65 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Hey Jude
(Cover same as LP. Inner covers feature a picture catalog of all Apple albums available as of 1970, includes poster)
1970 Hansen  
Hey Jude
(No Apple catalog on inside covers, sheet music with cover for the song Let It Be is bound with the rest of the book. This was the last Matching Music Book to an album made by The Beatles that Hansen published.)
1970 Hansen $ 50.00
Highlights for Very Easy Piano 07/66 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 20.00
John Lennon and Paul McCartney's Sweet 16 The Sheet Music Special 09/68 Hansen / 36 pgs $ 30.00
Lennon and McCartney For Recorder
Although transcribed in the keys best suited for a recorder, it was the first time the guitar solos for Let it Be (guitar version) and Maybe I'm Amazed were transcribed.
1975 AMSCO / 80 pgs  
Let It Be   Warner Bros. $ 20.00
Let It Be 03/70 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 30.00
Live At The BBC, Selections From
(Includes 6 pages of with one picture each. Note the first page of each song has 1 1/2" by 1 1/2" picture on the top left of the page. As the title suggests, this is not a complete song companion to the album. Similar to the companion song books for the Anthology collections, only 26 selections are available here).
1995 Hansen / 96 pgs  
Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1977 Warner Bros. / 44 pgs $ 15.00
Magical Mystery Tour 01/68 Hansen / 40 pgs $ 40.00
Magical Mystery Tour (Big Note Guitar) 01/68 Hansen $ 40.00
Magical Mystery Tour/Abbey Road/Let It Be
(Includes 1 page of black and white pictures of both album covers and 2 pages each with a black and white picture of the album cover).
1987 Hal Leonard / 168 pgs  
Meet The Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album 02/64 Keys / 48 pgs $ 50.00
Music of Lennon & McCartney 1969   $ 20.00
Next Three Albums, The
Matching Songbooks for the second set of Beatles CD releases - Help!, Rubber Soul, and Revolver. Includes four pages with a black and white picture each, i.e. one page with the 3 album covers and 3 pages with an album cover each).
1987 Hal Leonard / 176 pgs  
New Beatle Guitar Hits 01/65 Pacific Popular # 21 / 24 pgs  
New Beatles Guitar Solos 01/66 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
New Beatles Hot 40 Songbook from the motion picture Help! 09/65 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 15.00
New Beatles Top 40 Pop Song Book, The
("white album" portraits on cover)
12/68 Hansen / 104 pgs $ 20.00
New Beatles Top 40 Plus Pop Song Book, The
This volume has George Harrison songs from 1968-1970, Ringo Starr songs from 1968-1969, 5 non-Maclen Lennon and McCartney songs and a few cover songs. It is illustrated with a couple of pictures including a full page picture of 3 Saville Row.
10/71 Hansen / 136 pgs  
New Beatles Top Pop Book, The 07/67 Top of the Forties $ 30.00
New Book of The Beatles, The  1968 Keys / 32 pgs  
New Lennon & McCartney Lyrics Book, The 12/68 Hansen / 24 pgs  
New Lennon McCartney Song Book, The   Hansen $ 20.00
New Look of The Beatles, The 04/69 Hansen / 32 pgs. $ 25.00
New Songs of George, Paul and Ringo
(Although by 1974 Lennon's Mind Games LP was out, it appears that Hansen did not have the rights to publish the songs from his album, hence the title omitting John.)
04/74 Hansen / 304 pgs  
(Guitar Recorded Versions)
1995 Hal Leonard  
(Guitar Recorded Versions. No pictures but 3 pages of this volume are a catalog. Another excellently transcribed volume for guitar. For some reason there has never been a matching music book for these albums arranged for piano/vocal ever released in the United States although they have been available in other countries).
1995 Hal Leonard / 168 pgs  
Past Masters Volume One and Volume Two
(Includes 3 pages of album cover reproductions and a one page Beatles songbook catalog).
1988 Hal Leonard / 144 pgs  
Play Guitar Like The Beatles 03/65 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 30.00
Pocketbook of Songs      
Revolver 08/66 Hansen / 64 pgs $ 40.00
(Guitar Recorded Versions. Includes a one page catalog. Superb transcriptions including the tape effects on Tomorrow Never Knows)
1993 Hal Leonard / 96 pgs  
(Columbia Record Club special issue, special wrap-around 12 page cover with pin-ups and Record Club info).
10/66 CRC-Hansen / 76 pgs $ 45.00
Revolver 02/68 Hansen  
Rock 'N Roll Music 08/76 CRC-Hansen / 40 pgs $ 15.00
Rock 'N Roll Music 1977 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 15.00
Rubber Soul
(Souvenir Music Book)
02/66 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 25.00
Rubber Soul
(Guitar Recorded Versions. Extremely accurate guitar transcriptions).
1994 Hal Leonard / 88 pgs  
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
("Cut-outs" are on the inside back of a wrap-around cover)
07/67 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 35.00
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(Reissue, "cut-outs" are on the back cover and duplicated in black and white on page one.)
03/70 Hansen / 40 pgs $ 25.00
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(Included are a 3 paper reproduction from the CD booklet - 'who's who' on the album cover and the short song by song analysis).
1987 Hal Leonard / 72 pgs  
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
(Guitar Recorded Versions)
  Hal Leonard  
Sgt. Pepper: The Rock Spectacle 1975 Warner Bros. / 80 pgs $ 15.00
Something New 08/64 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 30.00
Songs By George Harrison & Ringo Starr 12/68 Hansen / 24 pgs $ 40.00
Songs By Lennon & McCartney      
Songs From A Music Adventure Cartoon Series 04/66 Hansen / 32 pgs $ 40.00
20 All-Time Hit Paraders (Eb Instruments) 05/64 Hansen / 20 pgs $ 20.00
20+ All-Time Hit Paraders
(This is a scaled down version of "The New Beatles Top 40 Plus Pop Songbook". Includes 4 pages of Let it Be color and black and white photos and a humorous eight page spread called "The New British American Beatles' Illustrated Thesaurus In Dictionary Form". Also, note that there are absolutely no Lennon and McCartney songs. Apparently, Hansen had just lost the right to publish Maclen/Comet catalogs. Perhaps in order to avoid a possible lawsuit, non-Maclen/Comet songs such as I Saw Her Standing There, Misery, Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You, Thank You Girl, She Loves You and There's a Place were not even included. Perhaps they wanted to make sure just who had the print rights for those songs. Later Hansen used these songs in other books.)
08/70 Hansen / 56 pgs  
Yellow Submarine 01/69 Hansen / 60 pgs $ 30.00
Yellow Submarine and The Beatles ("White Album")
(Includes 1 page of black and white pictures of both album covers and 2 pages each with a black and white reproduction of the album cover. This volume includes only the Beatles song portion of the soundtrack album. The George Martin score is part of this volume. As for the "White Album" portion: Includes all songs except Revolution is substituted for Revolution 1. Revolution 9 is not included. The "..can you take me back where I came from..." is missing.).
1987 Hal Leonard / 176 pgs  
Yesterday...And Today 08/66 Hansen / 48 pgs $ 40.00


Original songbooks would have a date close to the original release of the book. Some books were reprinted a month or two later and are still considered original. To the best of our knowledge, none of the original Hansen songbooks were ever reprinted in their original format.

1970s Warner songbooks

There are a number of songbooks released in the 70s by Warner Brothers, but most have few or no pictures of the Beatles and not as collectible as original 60s books. These books are in a larger 9"x12" format and have no date or print code printed on the back page.

1980s Hal Leonard Corporation reissues

Hal Leonard has issued album and specialty songbooks since the early 80s and continues to distribute a wide range of songbooks, all of which are worth only the published price. These books are in a larger 9"x12" format and have no date or print code printed on the back page.

Yellow Submarine Sing-A-Song Storybook 

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