Dec. 21, 1996Updated Links page.
Nov. 23, 1996 Added Cavern Club Membership Card scan and recently discovered Cavern Club stage piece ad.
Nov. 18, 1996Added rare color picture of the Beatles in concert at the Hollywood Bowl.
Nov. 15, 1996Added scans of Butcher Cover Matches and Chu-Bops Bubblegum.
Nov. 12, 1996Added scan of theBeatles In Tokyo Japanese videotape.
Nov. 10, 1996Premier of the Walls and Bridges Photo Album.
Nov. 08, 1996Added scans of Beatles Seattle Press Conference 45s.
Nov. 02, 1996 Added information on Beatlefan Magazine.
Oct. 24, 1996Added a page about Beatles flexi-discs.
Oct. 23, 1996Added scan of the Making of Help! Videotape.
Oct. 21, 1996Added scans of Mr. Ifield on the Beatles and Frank Ifield page.
Oct. 19, 1996 New section on mono white album CDs.
Added page about 7" Picture discs.
Oct. 15, 1996 Added scan of Cavern Club Brick.
Oct. 08, 1996Added page Recent Sale Prices of Beatles Collectibles.
Sept. 30, 1996Premiere of the Butcher Cover Photo Album.
Sept. 28, 1996Re-designed entire Photos of unique Beatles rarities section, sorting all of the rarities into 6 different categories for much easier access.
Aug. 07, 1996Added information on The 910 Newsletter.
Aug. 06, 1996Added the "Listen To This" Walls and Bridges page.
Aug. 04, 1996Premiere of the Paul McCartney Photo Album.
July 12, 1996Added Paul McCartney Ram Radio page.
July 6, 1996Added the For Sale section.
July 3, 1996Added an information page on The Beatles Anthology home video.
May 22, 1996Added the John Lennon animation on the home page as an email link.
Spring 1996Premiere of the Songs, Pictures and Stories of The Beatles website.

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