Dec 30, 1998 More scans added to the Beatles Concert tickets section, including Chicago 1964,
D.C Stadium 1966, Cleveland 1964, and Milwaukee 1964
Dec 29, 1998 Updated the page on The Beatles 1964 concert at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver, with evidence that perhaps the concert was indeed sold out...
Dec 28, 1998 Added a scan to our Red & Blue Promo CDs page of a counter display used to promote The Beatles 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 albums on CD.
Dec 27, 1998 Added new listings to the Ringo Starr Vertical Man page, including a U.S. promo CD and a U.K. promotional box set that included a CD, T-shirt, metal pin, drumsticks and certificate.
Dec 26, 1998 This interesting Beach Boys program from their January 1965 Seattle concert featured a photo of The Beatles 1964 Seattle show on the cover... Here's a widescreen shot of The Beatles at the Coliseum...
Dec 24, 1998 Added many new scans to our Beatles Concert Tickets page, including Chicago 1965 (stub and full), Chicago 1966 (two stubs), Cincinatti 1964, Cleveland 1966, Dallas 1964, Denver 1964, Detroit 1966 (stub), Hollywood Bowl 1964, Hollywood Bowl 8/29/1965 (two more variations), Hollywood Bowl 8/30/65, Memphis 1966, Minneapolis 1965 (usher), NY Carnegie Hall 1964 (stub), Philadelphia 1966 (two variations), San Diego 1965, San Francisco 1964 (stub), St. Louis 1966 (Press), Vancouver 1964, and Washington D.C. 1966 (stub). This section now features over 100 ticket scans, with many more on the way...
Dec 18, 1998 Added three more scans to our Beatles Sheet Music page, Dear Prudence, Drive My Car and the first issue of Twist and Shout.
Dec 16, 1998 Added a scan of a full ticket for the August 13, 1966 concert at Olympia Stadium, Detroit to our Beatles Concert Tickets page. Also added a scan of the ticket order form for the 1965 Cow Palace show.
Dec 10, 1998 Added a scan of another scarce ticket from Forest Hills Tennis Stadium, New York 1964 to our Beatles USA Concert Tickets section.
Dec 08, 1998 Added a lot of new Beatles Sheet Music scans, including some very rare issues - Another Girl, Bad Boy, Do You Want To Know A Secret (Hansen), Fabulous Favorites No. 2, Good Night, Honey Pie, I should Have Known Better (Keys), I Should Have Known Better (reissue, SMI), Kansas City (reissue), Nowhere Man (reissue), Take Out Some Insurance On Me Baby, and Yer Blues.

Also added nine Solo Sheet Music scans, George's All Things Must Pass, Art of Dying, Bangledesh, I Dig Love, I Don't Care Anymore, Let It Down, Run of The Mill, and Teardrops; John's Be Bop A Lula and Woman Is The Nigger of The World; and Paul's London Town.

Dec 07, 1998 Here's a page featuring The Beatles are coming! promotional teaser stickers along with a very interesting and informative December 1963 internal memo outlining the initial Beatles promotional campaign from Capitol Records. Trade ads, Booster buttons, Beatle wigs, promo LPs and the Meet The Beatles motion display are discussed.
Dec 06, 1998 Added a scan to our Butcher Discography of a 1990 radio station CD titled Beatle Breaks, a CD with interview and fact segments designed to be played before and after Beatle songs.
Dec 05, 1998 Added scans of signed checks by George Harrison (made out to Donovan!), John Lennon and Ringo Starr to our Autographs, Documents and Posters section.
Dec 04, 1998  For those fans who collect cover songs, Rhino offers this very different collection, appropriately titled Golden Throats IV - Celebrities Butcher Songs of The Beatles. The CD has 16 tracks including With A Little Help... (George Burns), Hey Jude (Bing Crosby), Let It Be (Tennessee Ernie Ford), Day Tripper (May West), Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (William Shatner) and Norwegian Wood (Jan & Dean).
Dec 03, 1998 Here's an authentic version of Two Virgins you've probably never seen, a promotional vacuum-form molded LP jacket and picture disc.
Dec 02, 1998 Added a scan of Go-Go No. 1 to the Beatles Comic Book Price Guide page.
Dec 01, 1998 Here's a scan of of the Mercury Records October 1998 CD sampler which includes two Ringo cuts taken from his VH1 Storytellers CD and cassette release.
Nov 30, 1998 Updated the John Lennon Listen To This... page, adding scans of the Listen To This Press Kit (which included Listen To This Photo # 1 and Listen To This Photo # 2), Listen To This Dream hanging sign and the bootleg LP Listen To This Picture Record.
Nov 29, 1998 Added the Magical Mystery Tour Big Note Guitar songbook to the Beatles Songbooks page.
Nov 20, 1998 Here is our list of the Top 10 Rarest Beatles Concert Tickets.
Nov 15, 1998 Added a scan of the Yesterday...And Today 2-Track tape, black & white label version to our Yesterday...And Today Discography page.
Nov 13, 1998 Here's a scan of the new 1998 re-release of Ringo's Time Takes Time CD (BMG Special Products 75517 44684-2).
Nov 10, 1998 Added a page on the Sears in-store promotional laser discs that contained Beatles Anthology cuts.
Nov 01, 1998  Added a scan of a nice July 2, 1996 Tokyo ticket. Also revised and updated the Beatles Concert Tickets page.
Oct 30, 1998  Added a couple more scans to the Ringo Starr Vertical Man page.
Oct 27, 1998  Added a second ticket variation for the 1964 Benefit show at the Paramount Theater in NY.
Oct 26, 1998  Added a scan of a press ticket for the 1964 Indiana concert.
Oct 20, 1998  Added scans of a 1965 Summer of Stars concert program featuring 3 pages on the Beatles to our Chicago 1965 concert tickets page.
Oct 19, 1998  Added a scan of a stub from the August 20, 1965 Atlanta show.
Oct 18, 1998 Added a scan of Honey Pie to the Beatles Sheet Music Page.
Oct 17, 1998  Another scarce ticket is this stub from Las Vegas 8/20/64. Also added a stub for Dodger Stadium 8/28/66.
Oct 16, 1998  Not too many tickets turn up for the the Hollywood Bowl concerts. Here's a scan of a green stub from the 8/30/65 show.
Oct 11, 1998  Updated the Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl page with new and updated information and scans.
Oct 10, 1998  Here's a scan of the actual article about the Butcher cover controversy from the July 1966 KYA Beat newspaper.
Oct 09, 1998 Here's a scan of the harder-to-find 1964 Hollywood Bowl ticket.
Oct 08, 1998  One of the rarest of all Beatles concert tickets is a yellow 1965 Shea Stadium full ticket. Here's an even rarer variation from that show - a blue ticket.
Oct 07, 1998  Added scans of some rare internal 1960s Apple forms for Expenses, Remittances and Memorandums.
Oct 06, 1998  Added a scan and information on the Capitol Records 50th Anniversary 8-CD box set issued in 1992.
Oct 05, 1998  Added a scan of a Yellow Submarine VHS screening tape.
Oct 04, 1998  Added scans and information on a 1966 Capitol Record Club Magazine that featured the Yesterday...And Today album.
Oct 03, 1998  Added a scan to the Vertical Man page of the double-sided promotional poster, this copy signed by Ringo for a Polygram employee.
Oct 02, 1998  Added a Beatles sheet music scan of the hard-to-find version of This Boy.
Oct 01, 1998  Added a scan of a rare New Musical Express music paper promotional card.
Sep 26, 1998  'Hello Dolly Flops As Pop Art' - One of the first nationally printed stories after the Butcher cover was recalled appeared in the KYA edition of BEAT Newspaper in early July, 1966.
Sep 25, 1998  Added a scan of a ticket stub from the Empire Stadium show in Vancouver, B.C. August 22nd, 1964 and a scan of a scarce obstructed view ticket from Dallas 1964.
Sep 22, 1998  Added a scan of Paul's sheet music for The World Tonight
Sep 07, 1998 Added a third ticket variation for the 1966 Toronto show to our Beatles Concert Tickets page. The back of the ticket had an ad for Schick razor blades.
Sep 04, 1998  Added to the Beatles Sheet Music page scans of Back In The USSR and Don't Bother Me, two very hard-to-find issues. Also added some Beatles Song books, Abbey Road Guitar recorded Versions, The Beatles Live At The BBC and The Beatles 1967-1970.
Aug 30, 1998  Twelve more Beatles Song books added, The Beatles Bass Book, The Beatles Guitar Book, The Beatles Guitar Techniques, The Beatles Keyboard Book, The Beatles The Next Three Albums, Magical Mystery Tour/Abbey Road/Let It Be, Past Masters Volume One and Two, Revolver Guitar Recorded Versions, Rubber Soul Guitar Recorded Versions, Sgt. Pepper's, Sgt. Pepper's Guitar Recorded Versions, and Yellow Submarine and The Beatles
Aug 26, 1998  Four more Beatles Song books added, Complete Beatles Transcriptions: The Blue Book, Complete Beatles Transcriptions: The Green Book, Complete Beatles Transcriptions: The Red Book and Complete Beatles Transcriptions: The Yellow Book.
Aug 24, 1998  Here it is, one of the rarest Beatles concert ticket worldwide!
Aug 23, 1998  Added Free As A Bird (Guitar Recorded Version) to the Beatles Sheet Music page. Beatles Song books added include The Compleat Beatles Vol. 1, The Compleat Beatles Vol. 2, and Lennon & McCartney For Recorder. Added to the Solo Song books sections was The Traveling Wilbury's Vol. 1 along with one Solo sheet, Handle With Care.
Aug 20, 1998  Added three more sheets to our Beatles UK sheet music page, The Night Before, Ticket To Ride and Sexy Sadie.
Aug 19, 1998  Added several new scans of Beatles Songbooks, including Beatles No. 3, Beatles Campfire Book, Easy Guitar Solos 1 and Easy Guitar Solos 2. Plus two new Beatles Sheet music issues, Fabulous Favorites Guitar Solos No. 1 and the Duchess Artist Copy of I Want To Hold Your Hand. For the Solo Sheet Music section we added Ringo's Blue, Turning Grey Over You and Snookeroo, Paul's The Girl Is Mine, Jet (Choral), Love In Song and Treat Her Gently - Lonely Old People.
Aug 18, 1998  This would have to be the world's largest Abbey Road "poster" - the billboard erected in 1969 on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Aug 17, 1998  Here are eight more Beatles UK Songbooks, Abbey Road, The Beatles (white album), The Beatles Complete, The Beatles Pop, The Beatles Rock And Roll, The Concise Beatles Complete, Magical Mystery Tour and Revolver.
Aug 16, 1998  Hip-Pocket Records - A January 1969 press announcement for Americom's prototype Flexi-disc vending machine, showing The Beatles 4" Hey Jude disc displayed inside the front of the machine. This page includes listings for all Beatles titles as well as other Apple artists, plus information and pictures of non-Beatles releases and even the portable miniature record player designed to play them.
Aug 15, 1998  Added a listing and scan to our Beatles DVD page for the just released Paul McCartney DVD title In The World Tonight.
Aug 14, 1998  Added our first few UK Songbooks, Beatles '68: Souvenir Song Album with Photograph, The Second Book of 50 Hit Songs Composed By John Lennon & Paul McCartney and The Third Book of 50 Hit Songs, and Beatles '69: Twenty One Songs from 'The Beatles' 'Double Pack' LP, more on the way...
Aug 13, 1998  Updated the VJ Introducing The Beatles Price Guide & Discography page, including over 50 new scans of every known cover and label variation, a new numbering system to better track and organize each entry, updated information, more details on counterfeits, previously undocumented variations and much more.
Aug 12, 1998 Added information on a very scarce computer game themed for Paul's Give My Regards To Broadstreet movie.
Aug 11, 1998  Think Different - this interesting ad featuring John & Yoko appears on the back page of the current issue of Spin Magazine.
Aug 10, 1998  Four more songbooks added to the Beatles Japanese sheet music page, Abbey Road, The Beatles Collection Vol. 1, The Beatles Collection Vol. 2, and Let It Be.
Aug 09, 1998  Here is a unique 1960s "Beatle ad" for Sure-Fresh Bread from a Seattle area grocery store promotion.
Aug 08, 1998  Added a few more scans and updated information on the Beatles Starline records page.
Aug 07, 1998  Here's a cool item we have never seen before - a rare Parking Pass from The Beatles' 1966 concert at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.
Aug 06, 1998  Added a scan and listing to the Vertical Man page for the U.S. Mercury 2-CD promo sampler CD featuring La De Da.
Aug 05, 1998  Added twelve scans of Japanese Songbooks, including Abbey Road, A Hard Day's Night, The Beatles ("white album"), Beatles For Sale, Beatles Piano, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour, Please Please Me, Revolver, Rubber Soul, Sgt. Pepper's and With The Beatles.
Aug 04, 1998  Added several new scans in our Reel-to-Reel Tapes section, including a rare 'manufactured under license' version of A Hard Day's Night, The Family Way soundtrack, and the rarest of all Beatles/solo reel tapes, the Audio Press Kit for Paul's Give My Regards To Broadstreet. Support materials included production notes, a cover letter and format sheet.
Aug 03, 1998  Added a scan of a Beatles Seattle 1964 main floor ticket stub.
Aug 02, 1998  Here's five more solo sheet music issues, Daybreak, Hope of Deliverance, I Don't Care Anymore, This One and When We Was Fab, plus seven more solo songbooks - Cloud Nine, Flaming Pie, George Harrison, George Harrison: Anthology, George Harrison Anthology Guitar Recorded Versions, Goodnight Vienna, and Tripping The Live Fantastic.
July 29, 1998 Added a scan to the Vertical Man page for the 15-track Japanese version. Also added a scan of the custom outer box for the original "white album" on 8-track, and a scan of the custom Abbey Road Studios T-shirt sold at the 1983 open house.
July 28, 1998  Three more solo sheets added, I've Had Enough, My Brave Face and Off The Ground, plus three solo songbooks, Off The Ground, Press To Play and Tug of War.
July 27, 1998  The FIRST worldwide appearance of the Butcher cover photo was a full page advertisement announcing the release of Paperback Writer / Rain in England's New Musical Express newspaper, cover date June 3, 1966. Our page on this and the 2nd appearance, in Disc and Music Echo, has been updated with new information. See First printed appearances of the Butcher cover photo.
July 26, 1998  Updated the Ringo Starr Vertical Man page to include scans of the Japanese radio station promo CD Catch Up, which features the Steven Tyler version of Drift Away.
July 25, 1998  And yet more sheet music scans... Solo Sheet Music added includes Another Day/Oh Woman Oh Why, Give Ireland Back To The Irish, Hi Hi Hi and Mary Had A Little Lamb. Solo Songbooks added included Paul McCartney: Composer/Artist and Wings Greatest. Plus two Beatles Songbooks, Warner Brothers' Beatles Complete and the rare Beatles Forever Vol. 6, the latter previously thought to not have been published.
July 23, 1998  More sheet music added including the All-Organ issue of Jet, George's All Things Must Pass Guitar songbook, John's Imagine: Music from the Original Motion Picture and Rock 'N' Roll, plus The Golden Era of The Beatles 1963-1974.

Also added a couple more listings to the Ringo Starr Vertical Man reference page including the new Japanese release and a rare Japan-only radio station promo CD.

July 21, 1998  Started a new reference section on U.K. sheet music, with more than 15 scans of some great covers like Can't Buy Me Love, Eleanor Rigby, Get Back, I'll Follow The Sun, She Loves You and Why. This page will be expanded to also include listings from Japan, Australia and other countries. Songbooks will also be featured...
July 20, 1998  Added the Beatles songbook, The New Songs of George, Paul & Ringo and a solo songbook, McCartney Matching Music Book for all Guitars. We are also starting to add more details and previously unpublished information to many of the listings.
July 19, 1998  Added a scan of the Apple Records cube that was sent out as part of a Beatles Fan Club promotion in the late 1960s.
July 18, 1998  Four more Beatles Songbooks added, Beatles Forever Vol. Two, The Fourth Golden Beatles Album, The New Beatles Top 40 Plus Pop Song Book, and 20+ All-Time Hit Paraders. This now brings to 100 the number of Beatles Songbook listings that we have...
July 17, 1998  The only Beatles album that was never released on a tape format was The Beatles' Story. That almost changed in 1996 when Capitol planned, and then scrapped an idea to release this album on tape - digital no less... Here's DAT Story...
July 16, 1998  In our Beatles 8-Tracks section added a scan of the very rare 8-Track tape set, The Beatles Deluxe, which featured Meet The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour and Yesterday...And Today packaged in a 12" square plastic hinged box. This is the rarest of all Beatles 8-Track tapes.
July 15, 1998  Added more Beatles Songbook scans including Hey Jude, Best of The Beatles Music Book Vol. 1, Best of The Beatles Music Book Vol. 2, and Abbey Road Easy Guitar Edition.
Solo songbook scans added include Beaucoups of Blues, Plastic Ono Band, Ram and Wildlife.
July 12, 1998 Added scans of The Apple Songbook and The Beatles Forever Vol. 4 to the Beatles Songbooks page. Also added nearly twenty new listings of songsheets and songbooks to the Beatles Solo Sheet Music section, along with updated details and information on many more releases. Much more 1970s-1980s publisher and variation information has just been found and will be incorporated into the sections soon. Our Beatles sheet music pages now feature over 400 listings...
July 09, 1998  Updated the Beatles DVD page to include a chart on all U.S. releases. Just announced for July 28 release are The Making of A Hard Day's Night and First U.S. Visit.
July 01, 1998  Added Beatles No. 2, Highlights for Very Easy Piano, and Live At The Hollywood Bowl to the Beatles Songbooks section. Added New Songs of Paul McCartney and Wings Over America to the Solo Songbooks page. Added Apple Scruffs, Dark Horse, Only You, and Sentimental Journey to the Solo Sheet Music page.
June 27, 1998 Added a scan of A Hard Day's Night 1970 issue reel tape to our Beatles Reel-To-Reel Tapes section.
June 25, 1998 So far there exists more than 15 different items to collect from Ringo's new Vertical Man album. Here's our illustrated Vertical Man guide to what's available.
June 20, 1998 John's Sweet Toronto has just been released in the U.S. on the DVD format...
June 18, 1998 Here's a scan of the hard-to-find promotional CD single, La De Da, from Ringo's new Vertical Man album... Best Buy Stores included a free promotional 3-track CD titled Vertical Man Bonus Music (Mercury MECP 424) with purchase of the standard release. A promotional 7" vinyl release was also issued and included the songs La De Da and Everyday.
June 17, 1998 Here's a scan of a 1966 trunk cover promotional photo from the Yesterday And Today LP era, just recently discovered. Previously, the only known promotional items from this album had been the two different Capitol promotional posters.
June 16, 1998 Added label scans for the rarest variation of the U.K. Let It Be w/book - on the Parlophone label instead of Apple - to our Let It Be box sets page.
June 15, 1998 Updated and revised the page on Tobe Milo Records releases.
May 30, 1998 Updated scans on our Beatles DVD page for the Japanese pressings of A Hard Days Night, Bangladesh, Music For Montserrat and Sweet Toronto.
May 29, 1998 Updated and added more scans to out Beatles Box Sets page.
May 28, 1998 Here's a scan of the very rare 1963 sheet music for Roll Over Beethoven added to our Beatles Sheet Music section. Also added a hard to find solo sheet, Paul's Another Day.
May 24, 1998 Upgraded scans on our Beatles DVD page for the Japanese releases of The Making of A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Magical Mystery Tour and The Beatles Story.
May 23, 1998 Here's an interesting way to look at the progression, variations and similarities of The Beatles sheet music issues.... we have taken over 100 sheet music images and combined them onto one page, in chronological order. Each image can be clicked on for an enlargement. Warning- this page may take a few minutes to load...
May 22, 1998Added scans for Imagine, Mother, and No More Lonely Nights to our Solo Beatles Sheet Music page, and also a scan of the London Town songbook.
May 21, 1998 Added Ringo's Theme (This Boy) to our Beatles Sheet Music section and a scan of the Songbook NY Times Great Songs of Lennon & McCartney to our Beatles Songbooks section.
May 20, 1998 Our newest addition to our Reference series is Rarities...and Boxed Sets. This 20-page 7000+ word section features information on the Rarities album and vinyl box set releases from around the world. Also featured is information on The Beatles Collectors Items and Casualties releases...More photos, listings and other information will follow.
May 10, 1998 More Beatles solo sheet music scans added including Oh My My, Daytime Nighttime Suffering, We All Stand Together, and I'm Stepping Out.
May 09, 1998Added a list and scans of the Japanese DVD titles to our Beatles DVD page. Bangladesh and John's Sweet Toronto are among several titles not yet available in the USA.
May 08, 1998Added scans of an Apple envelope and stationary to our Miscellaneous Rarities page.
May 06, 1998 Added a scan of an Apple Records retailer checklist/order form for tape cartridges to our Beatle 8-Track Tapes page.
May 05, 1998Updated the Beatles Sheet Music sections with 22 new scans including Ask Me Why, Because, a 1967 reprint of Can't Buy Me Love, a third variation of Let It Be (Choral), Mr. Moonlight (1970), Mr. Moonlight (1976), Please Mr. Postman, Taxman, and Ticket To Ride.

Beatles Songbooks added include A Hard Day's Night (Band), Beatles Complete, Beatlemania 1967-1970 Vol. 2, and Beatles First Four.

Beatles Solo Sheet music added was Paul's Ebony & Ivory and Getting Closer, John's Nobody Told Me, and George's Teardrops.

Solo Songbooks added were Paul's Flowers In The Dirt, George's 33 1/3, John's Walls and Bridges, and Wings Complete.
Apr. 24, 1998 Added a scan and info for a promotional 30th anniversary Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band medal issued by EMI/Capitol in 1997.
Apr. 22, 1998 Added a scan of The Beatles songbook Rock 'N Roll Music to the Beatles Songbooks page, and a sheet music scan of Mull of Kintyre to the Solo Beatles Sheet Music page.
Apr. 19, 1998 Started a new section on the Beatles solo singles, 27 pages long featuring nearly 300 listings of every known release including variations...
Apr. 15, 1998 Two new scans added to our Beatles Songbooks page, The Beatles 4-Way Fake Combo Book, and A Hard Day's Night All-Organ book. Also added the rare sheet of Everybody's Got Something To Hide... to The Beatles Sheet Music page.
Apr. 14, 1998Started and updated a new Price and Reference Guide on Solo Beatles Picture Sleeves. Over 75 listings and 75 scans featuring such sleeves as Give Peace A Chance, I'm Stepping Out, Love Comes To Everyone, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Mind Games, Mull of Kintyre, Photograph, Press, This Song promo, Waterfalls, Wonderful Christmastime, Wrack My Brain, and even a fake Crackerbox Palace.
Apr. 12, 1998Added a new Reference Guide featuring Solo Beatles 8-Track Tapes. There are more than 70 issues, including the All Things Must Pass box set, Double Fantasy, the Quadraphonic Imagine, Two Virgins, Tug Of War, The Wedding Album and Wonderwall Music.
Apr. 08, 1998Added a scan and information on the only known set of Yellow Submarine pre-production cels...
Apr. 06, 1998 Added new listings, pricing, more details and information on reprints to further expand our sheet music sections. Part one includes over 165 listings of Beatles sheet music, part two highlights more than 80 Beatles songbooks, and part three features more than 100 solo Beatles sheets and songbooks.
Apr. 03, 1998 Added a scan of an original slick for the Sgt. Pepper's Reel To Reel Tape to our Beatles Reel Tapes page.
Apr. 01, 1998Added 5 John Lennon scans to our Solo Beatles Sheet Music page, including the original Just Like Starting Over and the 1985 reissue, Walking On Thin Ice, Watching The Wheels, and Woman.
Mar. 31, 1998Added Lovely Rita to our Beatles Sheet Music page, plus the Songbooks Beatles' Dollar Book of Songs, Play Guitar Like The Beatles, and Sgt. Pepper The Rock Spectacle. Scans added to our Beatles Solo Sheet Music page include No No Song, Seaside Woman, Venus And Mars Rockshow, Waterfalls, and the Songbook Living In The Material World.
Mar. 30, 1998Added the sixth and final release, Yellow Submarine, to the Franklin Mint Musical Tributes page.
Mar. 29, 1998 Added Venus And Mars & Speed Of Sound songbooks plus the Girls' School sheet music to the Solo Beatles Sheet Music page.
Mar. 28, 1998 "Hey! Here's Great News From Four Friends of Yours About A Special Offer" - A rare letter sent out with tickets purchased for the 1966 Shea Stadium concert.
Mar. 27, 1998Added a scan of a stub for the 1965 Portand, Oregon Beatles concert to our Beatles Concert Tickets page. Also added scans of full tickets for closed-circuit telecasts of the Washington DC concert - March 14, 1964 in El Monte, CA, and March 15, 1964 in San Jose, CA.
Mar. 25, 1998Two new scans added to the Beatles Sheet Music page, The Night Before and You're Going To Lose That Girl.
Mar. 24, 1998Here's proof that the Vee-Jay album, Introducing The Beatles, was NOT released at all in 1963, but in January 1964!!
Mar. 22, 1998 Added a section on The Beatles Franklin Mint Music Tribute Series releases.
Mar. 16, 1998Updated the Beatles Concerts Tickets page on Seattle 1966, adding a newly found 1966 stub variation and ticket outlet envelope. Also updated the page on The Beatles in Seattle 1964.
Mar. 14, 1998Not too many collectors are even aware that these exist - three Capitol/Apple promotional CD singles, designed just like the original 45 rpm releases, made nearly a year ago for a series to commemorate the 1967 30th anniversary of the "Summer of love." The project was withdrawn and the CD's were never issued.
Mar. 13, 1998Added a scan of the rare Yesterday And Today / Beatles VI combo tape to our page on Beatles 8-Track tapes.
Mar. 08, 1998Updated the page on the giant Butcher cover matches with improved scans. Also added a scan to our Butcher Cover Discography page of a recent German 12" Butcher cover picture disc, issued in a plastic record bag with sticker.
Mar. 07, 1998Updated the page on Beatles Wigs to include a counterfeit version that was made in China.
Mar. 06, 1998Added a listing and scan for the promo copy of David Hentschel's Oh My My single to the Ring O' Records Discography page.
Mar. 02, 1998Added a nice scan of a 1964 newspaper ad from Woolworth's advertising Beatles Dolls and other memorabilia to our Remco Doll page.
Mar. 01, 1998Four more scans added to the Magical Mystery Tour Collectors Page - the original
first issue MMT cassette, current MMT cassette, Original Master recording LP, and the last vinyl MMT album.
Feb. 28, 1998Started a page on Capitol's "For Jukeboxes Only!" series of color vinyl 45's, listing all 34 releases and variations.
Feb. 26, 1998Added a copy of the yellow vinyl MMT jukebox single to our Magical Mystery Tour Collectors page.
Feb. 25, 1998Added a peach colored ticket for Atlantic City 1964 to our Beatles Concert Tickets section.
Feb. 24, 1998Added six more Beatles Sheet Music listing and scans, including alternate versions of
A Hard Day's Night, I Feel Fine, and My Bonnie. Plus Cry Baby Cry, I Will and Tell Me What You See.
Feb. 23, 1998Here's a nice scan of a full ticket from the Paul McCartney & Wings show at the Seattle Kingdome, June 10, 1976.
Feb. 22, 1998 Be sure to try out a copy of The World Beatles Forum Newsletter, you can get a sample issue right now for only $1.00(US) postpaid if you mention this website...
Feb. 21, 1998Added scans of four original Japanese posters to our Beatles Movie Posters page,
A Hard Day's Night, Help!, Yellow Submarine, and Let It Be.
Feb. 20, 1998Here's a ticket for the July 1, 1966 concert in Japan...
Feb. 19, 1998Added a $5.50 1966 St. Louis lavendar ticket to our Beatles Concert Tickets page.
Feb. 18, 1998Added a scan of the Wedding Album 8-track tape cartridge to the John Lennon Wedding album page.
Feb. 17, 1998Added new scans to our Beatles Sheet Music books page including Songs From A Music Adventure Cartoon Series and Fabulous Favorites No. 2. Also added to our Solo Sheet Music page Paul's So Bad, and Ringo's A Dose of Rock And Roll, Hey Baby, and the Ringo Songbook.
Feb. 16, 1998Added a worldwide discogaphy for all releases on Ring O' Records.
Feb. 11, 1998Added a nice scan of an original stereo copy of Vee-Jay's Introducing The Beatles album to our Introducing The Beatles Discography page.
Feb. 10, 1998Added a few more listings to the Miscellaneous section of the Magical Mystery Tour Reference Guide.
Feb. 09, 1998Added a page on the different variations of Beatles wigs.
Feb. 08, 1998Added a scan of a very rare Beatles Press Credential to our Hollywood Bowl page.
Feb. 06, 1998Added a scan to our Beatles Concert Tickets page of a recently discovered unused ticket for The Beatles in Seattle evening concert, August 25, 1966.
Feb. 05, 1998Updated the page on the ultra rare Korean Export album Now Again! The Beatles, adding track listings and scans.
Feb. 04, 1998Added two more Songbooks to The Beatles Sheet Music page, The First Golden Beatles Album and Big Note Beatles Guitar.
Feb. 02, 1998On September 19, 1976, Sid Bernstein ran a full page ad in the NY Times consisting of a letter asking the Beatles to reunite for a charity concert to possibly raise hundreds of millions of dollars. Here is a copy of the Sid Bernstein letter/ad...
Feb. 01, 1998Added a scan of an original ad for the 1965 Houston concert.
Jan. 31, 1998Added two more Songbooks to the Beatles Sheet Music page, The New Look of The Beatles and John Lennon and Paul McCartney's Sweet 16.
Jan. 30, 1998Updated the Tobe Milo Records Discography page, which now features over 40 scans of such releases as The Best Of Tobe Milo Productions, The Beatles Live In Houston, Live At Abbey Road Studios, and Man of The Decade.
Jan. 25, 1998Here's a rare 1962 autograph signed by John, Paul, George, and Pete Best, and a 1963 UK handbill for the "The Dynamic!, Exciting!, Fabulous Beatles!" for their December 13, 1963 live appearance at the Gaumont Theatre.
Jan. 24, 1998New scans and listings added to our Beatles Sheet Music page, including I'm Down, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, and You Know My Name (Look Up The Number). New Songbooks added include The Beatle Book For All Instruments, The Second Golden Beatles Album, The Third Golden Beatles Album, The New Lennon McCartney Song Book, and the rare Songs From A Music Adventure Cartoon Series. We now have 318 listings and over 200 scans in our Sheet Music sections....
Jan. 23, 1998New scans and listings added to our Solo Beatles Sheet Music page, including Helen Wheels, Let 'Em In, Sally G, World of Stone and You. Also added the All Things Must Pass and McCartney II Songbooks.
Jan. 17, 1998Added a scan and listing for the Sgt. Pepper's Bubble Gum Cards issued in 1978 to our Beatles Trading Cards list.
Jan. 12, 1998Added a scan of the third variation of the Double Fantasy CD, the Columbia Record Club version, to our CD Rarities page.
Jan. 11, 1998Updated the page on the Beatles Chu-Bops miniature bubble gum records.

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