Volume VII

Dallas Memorial Auditorium, Dallas - September 18, 1964

Dallas ticket 1964
Dallas stub 1964

Location Color Admission Comments
Balcony ("Obstructed View") Salmon $ 2.50  
Balcony Salmon $ 2.50  
Balcony Blue $ 3.50  
Balcony Yellow $ 4.50  
Balcony Green $ 5.50  
Floor Chair Green $ 5.50  

Dallas press pass

1964 "Press Working Pass", used for all shows on the 1964 tour. This example was was assigned to the Dallas Times Herald. 1964 Working Press Passes have been discovered in both used and unused form. All known used passes were given to Dallas-area fan club and press personnel. Despite the generic title of the pass, it is unknown whether the passes were issued by Feld Brothers for Dallas only, for both of their events, or whether the pass was issued to all travelling press.

Volume VII