Volume V

The Beatles Anthology advance video
(reviewers package)

This is the cover and labels for the advance Beatles Anthology TV show sent to U.S. reviewers 11 days prior to the November 19 television premiere. The version used was the rough-cut overseas edition, unedited, and did not contain the two new Beatles songs. Packaged in a 2 -1/2" thick 12" x 10" clamshell library case, it contained three VHS video tapes along with twenty-nine pages of "press notes" and two B&W publicity photos.

Shown below is the introduction letter from ABC that accompanied the set, and the promotional "program information" CD-Rom which was issued separately.

ABC Letter

Introductory letter. Click to enlarge.


Front and back cover of the promotional CD-Rom.

ABC CD Rom disc

CD Rom disc. Click for enlargement

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