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Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle - August 25, 1966

Location Color Admission Comments
Afternoon (3:00)
Behind Stage Yellow $ 3.00 with red stripe
Balcony Yellow $ 4.00 with red stripe
Balcony Blue $ 4.00 with red stripe
Loge Green $ 6.00 with red stripe
Loge Orange $ 6.00 with red stripe
Main Floor Pink $ 6.00 with red stripe
Orchestra   $ 5.00 with red stripe
Orchestra   $ 6.00 with red stripe
Evening (8:00)
Behind Stage Yellow $ 3.00  
Balcony Yellow $ 4.00  
Balcony Blue $ 4.00  
Loge Green $ 6.00  
Loge Orange $ 6.00  
Main Floor Pink $ 6.00  
Orchestra   $ 5.00  
Orchestra   $ 6.00  
Special Seat Olive Promotional  

Very few unused tickets have surfaced so far for any of the Seattle concerts. Shown at the top of this page are two full tickets for the sold-out evening show, a full ticket for the afternoon show and stubs for both shows.

The green loge evening ticket surfaced in 2000, with an interesting story behind the discovery. The owner had originally purchased two tickets for the evening performance in early August of 1966. Treating them like gold, he hid them so they would not get lost or stolen. But on the day of the show he discovered he had forgotten where he had hidden them. In desperation to impress his new date, he rushed her to the coliseum early to see if they could find any tickets for the sold out concert. He was lucky enough to find someone wanting to sell a pair of tickets and they attended the show...

In 1997, some thirty one years later, he was going through some old books at home and to his astonishing surprise, stored between the pages of one of them was an envelope from the Bon MarChe ticket office with his two lost tickets inside! Needless to say, the tickets were in pristine condition, having been so perfectly stored since 1966.

"BEATLES ARE HERE" announced this front-page headline from a special "Souvenir Edition" of the day-of-show August 25, 1966 Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper. Click to enlarge.

Beatles in Seattle Newspaper article

Article from the front page of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper shown above. Click to enlarge.

Beatles in Seattle Coliseum sign

Fans starting to arrive for the Seattle Beatles concert. Click to enlarge.

Seattle 66 ticket envelope

Seattle 66 ticket envelope No. 2

Two different 1966 ticket outlet envelopes. Click on either to enlarge

For the concerts thirtieth anniversary in August of 1996, Seattle's KOMO-TV ran a 30 minute special called "The Beatles In Seattle". The show featured many rare clips from the Beatles' appearances in Seattle and Portland, as well as current interviews with fans that appeared in some of the original 1966 footage. As part of the promotional campaign, frisbees and videotapes (shown above)of the special were made in limited quantities. Below, fans buying souvenirs at the concert and the Beatles arriving at the airport.

Above two concert photos and The Beatles In Seattle logo are copyright İFisher Broadcasting Inc.

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