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Beatles Interview March 25, 1966
Radio Caroline North
This 30th anniversary interview CD was issued in Britain in 1996 (Jumbo TJLCD 1966A) and contains an interview taped the same day as, and just before the Beatles Butcher cover photographs were taken in London. Along with Bob Whitaker, who was erecting his lights and assembling the dolls and meat props during the interview, was another photographer from Beatles Monthly magazine, Leslie Bryce, who was taking pictures only for the interview session.

After breaking several dolls apart with his hands and then a hammer, Mr. Whitaker unwrapped four spotlessly clean butcher coats and matching hats and brought in several large butcher trays filled with cuts of meat which had dripping blood and spiky bones sticking through the flesh. John Lennon caught site of this during the interview and broke away to inspect the dolls and meat. While talking to Bob he picked up the broken dolls and smeared them with blood from the meat...

The CD comes with a booklet which includes 6 pages on the Beatles, telling the story of the interview and events that day, written by Tony Barrow. Other artists included on the CD are the Yardbirds, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sam Cooke, and Small Faces.

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