Picture Sleeve Price and Reference Guide
Collecting picture sleeves has always been popular among Beatle fans, and one of the toughest challenges has been to find true near mint to mint examples. Most copies show at least some sign of ring wear from the disc, very light wrinkles, and other wear. Near-perfect mint copies are common on a few of the titles, while others hardly exist in that grade.

Swan's She Loves You has typically been regarded as the first U.S. sleeve issued, although some collectors now believe Capitol's rush release of I Want To Hold Your Hand in December 1963 preceded the Swan sleeve. Since that time, there have been more than 50 Beatles sleeves issued by a variety of different record companies, mostly Capitol.

Valued from a few dollars to thousands, upper grade copies of most titles always sell instantly and continue to rise in price. More details on the sleeves are provided at the end of the pricing charts.

Below is a complete list of all picture sleeves issued in the U.S. from 1963 to present, along with their current value, photo, and other information. Values listed are in U.S. dollars, for strict near mint copies, and DO NOT include the associated disc. Copies in lower grades are worth significantly less. Most of the 1960s Capitol sleeves were pressed at two different plants - The West coast plant manufactured sleeves with a dropped-center thumb tab at the opening, while the East coast plant issues had a straight-cut top. These are known as either "West coast" or "East coast" sleeves. Next to the price we have listed a "W" for West coast values, an "E" for East coast values, and W/E to designate that both variations exist and that the values are the same.

Picture sleeves for EP'sBeatles solo picture sleeves Solo singles

Beatles picture sleeves for singles
Company Number A Side B side Released NM Value
Atco 6308 Ain't She Sweet (Some copies were cut out with a drill hole through the sleeve, which reduces the value by 50%. All copies with a curved cut at the top of the sleeve are fakes. Known counterfeit loses smooth continuity of print and graphics - as found on the original.) Nobody's Child 07-06-64 $550.00
Capitol 5964 All You Need Is Love Baby You're A Rich Man 07-20-67 W/E - $75.00
Capitol 5235 And I Love Her If I Fell 07-20-64 W/E - $150.00
United Artists UA-745 And I Love Her (Artist is George Martin with instrumental versions from soundtrack LP, A Hard Day's Night. Picture sleeve features photos of The Beatles.) This Boy 05-17-65 W/E - $250.00
Vee Jay DJ No. 8 Ask Me Why (This promotional title sleeve is the rarest Beatles picture sleeve. It was issued in 1964 to promote the VJ EP, Souvenir of Their Visit To America) ---- 1964 $15,000.00
Apple 2531 Ballad of John & Yoko Old Brown Shoe 06-05-69 W/E - $125.00
Capitol 5150 Can't Buy Me Love (Produced in limited quantities, one of the rarest and most popular Beatles picture sleeves. For more information, visit our Can't Buy Me Love page. You Can't Do That 03-16-64 $650.00
Vee Jay 587 Do You Want To Know A Secret Thank You Girl 03-23-64 $160.00
Capitol 5371 Eight Days A Week (East coast copies are far scarcer than the West coast issues, which turned up in large quantities in the late 1970's. That quantity is now somewhat depleted, causing a slow increase in the value.) I Don't Want To Spoil The Party 12-15-65 W - $50.00
E - $115.00
Capitol NR-58497 Free As A Bird Christmas Time Is Here Again 1996 $5.00
Capitol 4506 Girl (Manufactured for the unreleased 45, never commercially released. For more information, see our page on the Girl picture sleeve in our Beatles Rarities section.) You're Going To Lose That Girl 10-77 $20.00
Capitol 4274 Got To Get You Into My Life Helter Skelter 05-31-76 $5.00
Capitol 5222 Hard Day's Night I Should Have Known Better 07-13-64 W/E - $125.00
United Artists UA-750 Hard Day's Night (Artist is George Martin with instrumental versions of Beatles songs from the movie. Picture sleeve was issued with photos of The Beatles. One of the rarest "Beatles" picture sleeves due to a small press run.) I Should Have Known Better 1964 $1000.00
Capitol 2056 Hello Goodbye I Am The Walrus 10-27-67 W/E - $125.00
Capitol 5476 Help! I'M Down 07-20-67 W/E - $125.00
Capitol 5327 I Feel Fine She's A Woman 11-23-64 W/E - $125.00
Capitol 5112 I Want To Hold Your Hand (The West coast copies for this original issue are much scarcer than the East coast copies) I Saw Her Standing There 01-13-64 W/E - $135.00
Capitol 5112 I Want To Hold Your Hand (custom picture sleeve issued for promotion only, distributed in New York by radio station WMCA. Front of sleeve is same as standard release above, back of sleeve has photo of 6 WMCA Dee Jay's. Issued with the commercial copies of the single in 1964. Our scan shows 2 copies that were sold several years ago in the Pacific Northwest. A clearer scan of this sleeve will be added soon) WMCA Good Guys 1964 $3,500.00
Capitol 5112 I Want To Hold Your Hand (Capitol's 20th anniversary re-release of the original single. Same photo as original 1964 sleeve. Distinguishable by the small date "1984" printed on the lower left hand corner of sleeve and by the absence of the cigarette in Paul's hand, as found on the original.) I Saw Her Standing There 2-10-1984 W/E - $8.00
Capitol 5112
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Capitol's 30th anniversary re-release of the original single. Nice replica of the original thumb tab version. To tell the difference note the oval Capitol logo on the sleeve. The original does not have periods placed at the end of the small print "REG. U.S. PAT. OFF." The reissue has the periods added. Issued in a clear mylar sleeve with a small round 30th Anniversary sticker adhered to one side with a UPC sticker on the other side. Deduct 30% if bag is missing). I Saw Her Standing There 02-94 $6.00
$10.00 w/
mylar bag
Capitol 5234 I'll Cry Instead I'm Happy Just To Dance With You 07-20-64 W/E - $200.00
Capitol 2138 Lady Madonna (original copies included a fan club flyer ($25.00). Another sleeve that is almost impossible to find without ring wear. Near-perfect copies without this wear are valued at near $175.00.) The Inner Light 03-18-68 W/E - $125.00
Capitol B-5439 Leave My Kitten Alone (Produced in limited quantities, this was to be the first single from the aborted Sessions album which was shelved due to legalities. This sleeve was the only finished product from the project. For more information, see our detailed page on the Kitten sleeve. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La Da 01-18-85 $75.00
Apple 2764 Let It Be You Know My Name 03-11-70 W - $110.00
E - $125.00
Apple 2832 Long And Winding Road (To date just two West coast copies have been verified to exist, one coming from a former Capitol records employee, which was sold in 1996 for $375.00. One of the hardest sleeves to find without ring wear, near-perfect East coast copies without this wear would be valued at $150-200.) For You Blue 05-11-70 W - $300.00
E - $150.00
Tollie 9008 Love Me Do P.S. I Love You 04-27-64 $250.00
Capitol B-5189 Love Me Do (Capitol's 20th anniversary issue) P.S. I Love You 11-19-82 $5.00
Capitol 7-PRO-79551/2 Love Me Do (Capitol's 30th anniversary issue, promo only limited edition available only with mail-in offer from Capitol Records in Nov. 92. Reportedly 5000 made. Some copies issued with a gray 3" x 5" card {$20.00} from Capitol thanking them for responding. Original 9" x 12" mailer {$8.00} has Capitol mailing label.) P.S. I Love You 11-02-92 $20.00
Capitol 5255 Matchbox Slow Down 08-24-64 W/E - $135.00
Capitol B-5100 Movie Medley Fab Four On Film 02/82 $20.00
IBC (no #) Murray The K & The Beatles (Due to the manner in which this was distributed, most of these sleeves have staple holes. These holes, if clean with no resultant tears, do not detract from the value. Copies without holes would be valued at least 60% higher.) Interview 1964 $150.00
IBC (no #) Murray The K & The Beatles (Reissue) Interview 1979 $10.00
MGM K-13213 My Bonnie The Saints 01-27-64 $200.00
Capitol 5587 Nowhere Man What Goes On 02-21-66 W/E - $90.00
Capitol 4347 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da Julia 11-18-76 $8.00
Capitol 5651 Paperback Writer Rain 05-27-66 W/E - $125.00
Capitol 5810 Penny Lane (Known counterfeits have inferior quality photo and print, straight cut top, and perforated outer edges.) Strawberry Fields Forever 02-13-67 W/E - $150.00
Vee Jay 581 Please Please Me (Issued with several different variations of the single but most often with the first issue - black with colorband and oval logo. Known counterfeit has a curved cut at the top while original is straight cut. Photo print on fake is faded and blurry. For more information, see our VJ-581 page. From Me To You 01-30-64 $600.00
Vee Jay 581 Please Please Me (promotional title sleeve, "The Record That Started Beatlemania", issued with promotional copies of this single) From Me To You 1-64 $3,000.00
Capitol NR-58544 Real Love Baby's In Black 1996 $5.00
Capitol 4612 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band With A Little Help From My Friends 08-14-78 $25.00
Swan 4152 She Loves You (Although the single was originally released in September 1963, picture sleeves did not appear until the black label reissue in late 1963/early 1964) I'll Get You 09-16-63 $175.00
Capitol 5407 Ticket To Ride Yes It Is 04-19-65 W/E - $150.00
Capitol 5555 We Can Work It Out Day Tripper 12-06-65 W/E - $125.00
Vee Jay (no #) "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" (This sleeve was issued with many Vee Jay and Tollie Beatles singles during the Christmas seasons of 1964-1965) ---- 1964 $125.00
MGM K-13227 Why (This is the second of two Beatles picture sleeves issued by MGM. Known counterfeit is only 7" wide - which does not allow a disc to fit in!!) Cry For A Shadow 03-27-64 $450.00
Capitol 5715 Yellow Submarine (Due to its dark cover, this is one of the hardest sleeves to find without disc ring-wear. Close to perfect copies without this wear would be valued at up to 3 times the NM price listed here. Known counterfeits have only the die-cut top, photo and print quality is inferior.) Eleanor Rigby 09-08-66 W/E - $150.00
Capitol 5498 Yesterday (Known counterfeits have inferior quality photos and print, and are straight cut) Act Naturally 09-13-65 W/E - $125.00
Capitol RB-2637 You Can't Do That (Title sleeve/mailer, 7-1/4" square manila envelope with red print. Known counterfeit has a smaller opening flap of 1-5/8" whereas original is 2-1/16". The fake also has heavier darker red print, only discernible when compared to a verified original) KFWBeatles Interview 06-64 $1,000.00

Different photo quality and resolution between Capitol picture sleeves

Usually one side of the country or the other would provide the original artwork for the picture sleeves. The other side would then receive a 2nd generation print or negative of the artwork with which to construct their sleeves. This resulted in sometimes drastic photo quality/resolution differences among sleeves of the same release. Here a a few of the extreme examples:
  • And I Love Her - The East coast copies are much sharper
  • I'll Cry Instead - Since the same photo as the Hand sleeve was used, the East coast copies are much sharper. The West coast copies have a pinkish tint to the photo while the East copies have a tannish tint.
  • I Want To Hold Your Hand - The East coast copies used the original artwork, resulting in the West coast sleeves having somewhat of a blur on the photo.
  • Penny Lane - On this title the West coast plant used the original artwork, resulting in a much sharper photo and more realistic colors.

Picture sleeves for EP's
Company Number Title / Songs Released NM Value
Polydor PRO-1113-7 Ain't She Sweet / Cry For A Shadow / My Bonnie / The Saints (promotional copy only, given away free by Polydor and Gramercy Pictures to promote the movie BackBeat) 1994 $25.00
Capitol / App. NR-58348 Baby It's You / I'll Follow The Sun / Devil In Her Heart / Boys (From Live At The BBC, this 4-track EP features 3 songs not released on the album) 4/95 $4.00
Capitol SXA-2080 Beatles Second Album Compact 33 (Issued for use in jukeboxes, contains 6 tracks from the LP, hardcover jacket with blank back) 1964 $600.00
Capitol SPRO-2905 Capitol Souvenir Record (Promotional issue only, compilation EP, includes I Want To Hold Your Hand. This EP was issued to celebrate the grand opening of Capitol Records Jacksonville pressing plant.) 1965 $500.00
Capitol EAP-2121 Four By The Beatles (The first of only two commercially released Beatles EP's issued by Capitol) 05-11-64 $275.00
Capitol R-5365 4 By The Beatles (The second of only two commercially released Beatles EP's issued by Capitol) 02-11-65 $175.00
Capitol SXA-2047 Meet The Beatles Capitol Compact 33 (Issued for use in jukeboxes, contains 6 tracks from the LP, hardcover jacket with blank back) 1964 $750.00
Capitol PRO-2548/9 Open-End Interview with The Beatles (Promotional issue only, issued to promote the Meet The Beatles album. Contains an open-end interview with the group and 3 LP tracks.) 2/64 $1200.00
Capitol PRO-2598/9 Second Album Open-End Interview (Promotional issue only, issued to promote The Beatles Second Album. Contains an open-end interview with the group and 3 LP tracks.) 4/64 $1000.00
Capitol SXA-2108 Something New Compact 33 (Issued for use in jukeboxes, contains 6 tracks from the LP, hardcover jacket with blank back) 1964 $850.00
Vee Jay EP 1-903 Souvenir of Their Visit To America (The only Beatle EP issued by Vee Jay) 03-23-64 $75.00

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