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Ringo Starr Vertical Man

The following is a list of all known issues, variations and support materials for the U.S. release of Ringo Starr's new Vertical Man album, as well as some non-U.S. releases. Numbers given for quantities are estimates based on information from industry and collecting sources. Due in part to the intense advertising and promotional campaign, there are plenty of variations for collectors to gather, the most ever for a Ringo album.

"Life is life... this was just a record" -Ringo

Compact Discs
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Vertical Man advance CDR (no #) Vertical Man Advance CDR (900 pressed, includes version of Drift Away with Steven Tyler who was later replaced by Tom Petty on the final release...)
Vertical Man world premiere promo (no #) The Album Network Presents Vertical Man World Premier broadcast CD (hosted by Los Angeles DJ Jim Ladd, for one-time broadcast June 10-14th, 1998. Contained 9 songs- I Was Walkin, Love Me Do, Drift Away, Puppet, Mindfield, King of Broken Hearts, One, Vertical Man and La De Da. No cover, sent to radio stations in jewel case with program log and cue sheet.)
La De Da promo CD single MECP-419 La De Da Promo 2-track single (includes La De Da album version plus 4:14 radio edit, approx. 2-3000 pressed)
Broken Hearts promo CD single MECP-443 King of Broken Hearts Promo 2-track single (includes King of Broken Hearts 4:15 radio edit plus 4:44 album version)
Vertical Man Bonus Music promo CD MECP-424 Bonus Music Promo 3-track single (Approx. 9000 pressed, issued through Best Buy stores free with purchase of standard CD. Each of the 285 stores received 30 copies. The non-album tracks are Mr. Doubleitup, Sometimes and Good News. The bonus CD was shrinkwrapped together with the album CD and included a special sticker stating this Best Buy exclusive)
2-CD Sampler MECD-169 June 1998 Sales Sampler Promotional 2-CD sales sampler (features a total of 20 tracks. Track 1 of Disc 1 features the CD/Cassette version of La De Da. Disc is issued in a thin 2 CD "Brilliant Box" (Mercury's patented name for this packaging style). Disc one is MECD 169-1, Disc two is MECD 169-2. Sticker on jewel box top lid only features the number without either suffixes. Disc labels and sticker feature the print "For Promotional Use Only Not For Sale". Released shortly after the CD/Cassette...)
Vertical Man promotional issue 314 558 598-2 Vertical Man Promotional copy (same as commercial issue but with gold-embossed promo identification on cover)
Vertical Man stock issue 314 558 400-2 5 Vertical Man Stock issue, digipak (100,000 pressed, tri-fold die-cut cover with slip-out booklet. A sticker on the front designates it as a "Limited Edition Deluxe Package". The inside of the tri-fold features a 15" x 5-1/2" photo of Ringo.)
vercdsts.jpg - 12746 Bytes 314 558 598-2 9 Vertical Man Stock issue, jewel case (standard commercial release, 60,000 pressed)
Vertical Man Costco release 314 558 598-2 9
(Costco # 8400-20)
Vertical Man Stock issue, long box (Costco warehouse club, generic with a die-cut front to view the CD jewel case and a 'dot matrix' computer title print at the top)
Other releases
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Vertical Man promo 45 MELP 195 La De Da 45rpm (promotional only w/picture sleeve, 9000 pressed, includes La De Da (Radio edit) b/w Everyday. Labels and picture sleeves are marked "Promotional Not For Sale".)
Vertical Man advance cassette 314 558 400-4 9 Vertical Man Advance cassette issue (includes version of Drift Away with Steven Tyler who was later replaced by Tom Petty on the final release. Yellow insert w/title listing. Approx. 900 made)
Vertical Man advance cassette 314 558 400-4 9 Vertical Man Advance cassette issue (Tom Petty on Drift Away, yellow insert w/title listing. The packaging is identical to the Steve Tyler version above, so the tape must be played to determine which version it is. Approx. 100 made)
Vertical Man cassette 314 558 400-4 Vertical Man Standard commercial cassette issue (Tom Petty on Drift Away. 30,000 made)
Promotional materials
Postcards - 100,000
(Made to advertise free vinyl single with purchase of regular issue CD.)
Posters (double-sided) - 10,000
(#314 558 400 POS1 - sample shown signed by Ringo, obtained by Polygram employee)
Posters (special signed limited edition) - 250
Bin Cards - 1,500
Electronic Press Kit (video)
Buttons - (in-store for salespeople)
Non-USA Releases
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Catchup promo CD Mercury ME 8DCP-9037 Catch Up JAPAN. Radio station sampler CD. (Steven Taylor version of Drift Away. Since this was pressed just before the change to the Tom Petty version, Mercury had to add stickers to the CD and liner notes that stated "Do not play this tune!". This CD is the June 1998 issue of a monthly promotional series issued to radio stations)
Vertical Man Japanese CD Mercury ME PHCR-1640 Vertical Man JAPAN. Standard commercial issue. (Same tracks as USA issue with the addition of two bonus tracks - Mr. Doubleitup and Everyday. The Obi states that the bonus tracks are "Japan only", which is true as far as just the album goes... but both of these extra tracks were available in the USA - on the 45rpm single and the Best Buy CD)
Vertical Man UK CD Mercury 558 598-2 Vertical Man BRITAIN (Stock issue)
  Mercury 566116-2 La De Da / La De Da BRITAIN (CD single featuring album track and radio edit versions)
Vertical Man box set Mercury 664 847 613 2 Vertical Man box BRITAIN (Promotional CD box set, 100 made. Includes stock CD, custom plastic CD holder box, two drumsticks, custom 1-3/4" metal pin, T-shirt, and numbered certificate. The contents came in an outer cardboard box with bar code sticker)
Vertical Man box set Mercury RINGO 1 Four Songs From Vertical Man BRITAIN (Four-track CD sampler featuring La De Da, One, King of Broken Hearts and I Was Walkin'. )
  Mercury LC0268 La De Da / Love Me Do SWEDEN (CD single featuring La De Da (Radio edit) and Love Me Do.

Special thanks to Perry Cox, Tom Drozewski, Mark Galloway and Matt Hurwitz for additional scans and information

Volume III