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Summer of Love 30th Anniversary promotional CD's

Strawberry Fields Forever promo CD
All You Need Is Love promo CD
Hello Goodbye Promo CD
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In 1997, for the 30th anniversary of the "Summer of Love", Capitol Records designed a special series of three Beatles singles to be released on CD, vinyl, and cassette. The titles, taken from the original 1960's vinyl singles were:

Strawberry Fields Forever / Penny Lane (Capitol / Apple DPRO-70876-12118-2-5)
All You Need Is Love / Baby You're A Rich Man (Capitol / Apple DPRO-70876-12119-2-4)
Hello Goodbye / I AM The Walrus. (Capitol / Apple DPRO-70876-12120-2-0)

The sleeves and labels were designed to resemble the original 45rpm releases. Apparently not having the original artwork, Capitol purchased a set of the sleeves from a Beatle collector/dealer to copy for the covers and layout! Promotional CD copies were made of all three titles, and shortly thereafter the project was cancelled. Counter displays were also manufactured, designed to hold CD, vinyl, and cassette copies of the series. A quantity of the CD's appeared on the collectors market in September, 1997 and are now quite difficult to find.

All You Need Is Love CD back cover

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