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Balboa Stadium, San Diego - August 28, 1965


Location Color Admission Comments
Lower Level - East Pink $ 3.50  
Lower Level - East Yellow $ 4.50  
Lower Level - East White $ 5.50  
Lower Level - West White $ 5.50  
Lower Level - West Yellow $ (unknown)  
Upper Level - East Pink $ 3.50  
Upper Level - East White $ 5.50  
Upper Level - West White $ (unknown)  

Balboa Stadium actually belongs to San Diego High School, and is the largest High School stadium in the country.

San Diego press pass

Balboa Stadium unused press pass, front and back. Image courtesy of Perry Cox. Click to enlarge.

Shown above, an ultra rare press pass for the beatles August 28, 1965 concert at the Balboa stadium in San Diego, California. Very few of these have ever turned up for sale for collectors. The size of the pass is 6" x 2.5". It bears the writing "press box" hand written. Also the print "press pass" is at the right. The pass was printed on card stock. This pass was from the private collection of one of the world's top concert memorabilia experts and collectors. It came directly from the show's promoter, Lou Robin.

Lou Robin was Johnny Cash's long-time manager. He also directed the Beatles closed-circuit telecast of the concert at the DC Coliseum. He was in the truck outside the Coliseum that night. The year before, Lou had turned down GAC (General Artists Corporation) to present the Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964 and that's why Bob Eubanks ended up doing it. Lou and his partner were the largest concert promoters on the West Coast at that time. Once he saw the success of the Beatles, he begged GAC for the 1965 show. They offered either Salt Lake City or San Diego and he chose SD. Note the words "Press Box" were written on the tickets in blue marker for those members of the press who wanted to go to the show as well. In the 1965 contract rider, it stated that a press pass did not necessarily entitle you to attend the concert itself, but indeed, this box had a nice view of the boys anyway. The image above shows a group of kids watching the San Diego show from the Press Box at Balboa Stadium that night.! This pass got you into the press conference and the concert too, making it all the more special.

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