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Beatles Sheet Music - U.K.
Title Year Publisher NM value
Across The Universe 1967    
A Day In The Life 1967   $ 30.00
A Hard Day's Night 1964   $ 30.00
All I've Got To Do 1964   $ 40.00
All My Loving 1964   $ 30.00
All You Need Is Love 1967 Campbell, Connelly & Co.  
Baby's In Black 1964   $ 40.00
Ballad of John & Yoko 1969   $ 20.00
Can't Buy Me Love 1964    
Can't Buy Me Love      
Can't Buy Me Love (reissue)   Music Sales Ltd.  
Cry Baby Cry     $ 25.00
Don't Bother Me      
Don't Let Me Down 1969    
Eleanor Rigby 1966   $ 20.00
Eleanor Rigby (reissue) 1970s Music Sales Ltd.  
Every Little Thing 1964    
Fool On The Hill, The      
Fool On The Hill, The      
From Me To You      
Get Back 1969   $ 20.00
Get Back (reissue) 1970s    
Getting Better      
Glass Onion 1968 Campbell, Connelly & Co.  
Golden Slumbers 1969   $ 25.00
Hello, Goodbye 1967   $ 30.00
Here, There and Everywhere      
Hold Me Tight      
If I Fell      
I'll Be Back      
I'll Follow The Sun 1964 Campbell, Connelly & Co.  
I'll Get You      
I'm Only Sleeping 1966   $ 30.00
I'm So Tired 1968 Campbell, Connelly & Co.  
In My Life      
It's All Too Much      
It's Only Love      
It Won't Be Long      
I Want To Hold Your Hand 1964   $ 30.00
Lady Madonna 1967   $ 30.00
Let It Be (reissue) 1970s Music Sales Ltd.  
Little Child     $ 40.00
Lovely Rita 1967   $ 30.00
Love Me Do (Very first Beatles sheet music issued) 1962   $ 150.00
Love You Too 1968   $ 40.00
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds      
Magical Mystery Tour 1967   $ 25.00
Maxwell's Silver Hammer      
Michelle 1966    
Michelle (reissue) 1970s Music Sales Ltd.  
Mr. Moonlight     $ 50.00
Mother Natures Son      
Night Before, The 1965 James House  
Not A Second Time     $ 40.00
Ob La Di, Ob La Da 1969   $ 20.00
Ob La Di, Ob La Da (reissue) 1970s   $ 10.00
Paperback Writer 1966   $ 25.00
Penny Lane 1968   $ 25.00
Penny Lane (reissue) 1970s Music Sales Ltd. $ 15.00
Please Please Me
Repro alert - this sheet has been counterfeited, evident by a vertical line running down the center as it was reprinted from a folded original.
1963   $ 75.00
Rain 1966    
Revolution 1968   $ 25.00
Roll Over Beetoven 1964   $ 50.00
Sexy Sadie 1968 Campbell, Connelly & Co.  
She Loves You     $ 30.00
She's A Woman      
Strawberry Fields Forever      
There's A Place      
Think for yourself      
Ticket To Ride 1965 James House  
Ticket To Ride      
Two Of Us 1969   $ 30.00
We Can Work It Out 1965   $ 20.00
What You're Doing      
When I Get Home      
When I'm Sixty Four 1967   $ 30.00
When I'm Sixty Four (reissue) 1970s Music Sales Ltd.  
Why 1964 Pan-Musik Ltd.  
Yesterday 1965   $ 20.00
Yellow Submarine 1968   $ 30.00
You Can't Do That 1964   $ 30.00
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away      

Beatles Songbooks - U.K.
Title Year Publisher
Abbey Road
(40 pages including a 2 page illustrated black and white Beatles catalog. All the arrangements use the Hansen/Warner Bros. transcriptions except for I Want You (She's So Heavy) and You Never Give Me Your Money which uses the Campbell, Connelly/Warner Bros. version. It should be noted that in 1984 and 1985, many of these titles were imported into the USA by Cherry Lane and were readily available in most music stores. Missing are Something, Octopus's Garden and Here Comes the Sun).
10/82 Music Sales Ltd.
The Beatles Anthology 1   Music Sales Ltd.
The Beatles Anthology 2   Music Sales Ltd.
The Beatles Anthology 3   Music Sales Ltd.
The Beatles Anthology 1/2/3
(240 pages, including 13 pages with a black and white picture each. Like the American counterparts, these songbook do not feature all the songs on the CDs. But in some cases the American and British songbooks feature a different lineup of songs. But unlike the American songbooks, the British ones feature their own unique covers similar to the Klaus Voorman artwork. This volume is a "limited edition of the three Beatles Anthologies").
1998 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles, The ("white album")
(48 pages including a 3 page catalog. Includes only 17 songs off of the "white" album. Missing are: Dear Prudence, Wild Honey Pie, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Piggies, Don't Pass Me By, Julia, Mother Nature's Son, Helter Skelter, Long Long Long, Revolution 1 (instead it has the single version of Revolution), Savoy Truffle, Cry Baby Cry and Goodnight. With the exception of Revolution, all arrangement stem from those used by Hansen and Warner Bros.)
07/77 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Ballads, The   Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Complete: Piano Vocal/Easy Organ
(220 pages, including 20 pages of pictures and illustrations, a two page catalog and a two page essay by Ray Connelly. The illustrations are from "The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics". The bonus here is the black and white photos. The ones of Lennon, Harrison and Starr are alternate shots of the "white album" portraits. The McCartney one may also be an alternate. His hair is combed differently and he is wearing a turtleneck but his face is unshaven). This songbook also features Another Day, Give Peace a Chance and Power to the People.
12/77 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Complete: Piano/Organ/Vocal Edition
(320 pages including 18 pages with one black and white picture each, 6 pages with two black and white pictures each and one page with four black and white pictures. The back cover reads "The music and full lyrics to every song composed and recorded by Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr. Two hundred and three songs in all, specially arranged for this edition." Only Revolution and Revolution 9 (didn't expect that one) are not included in this volume arranged by easy piano and easy organ. A guitar edition was also published).
1983 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Fantasy, The   Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles For Sale    
Beatles Humour, The   Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles POP, The
(60 pages with 20 Lennon and McCartney songs, no pictures).
12/77 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Rock'N'Roll, The
(60 pages with 20 Lennon and McCartney songs, no pictures).
12/77 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles Rock Score, The
(80 pages including three pages of black and white photos. This is a "band score" songbook featuring ten Beatles songs. It wouldn't be a songbook if someone didn't screw up. The version transcribed of "Yesterday" is actually the Wings Over America version! With the false start too!).
12/77 Music Sales Ltd.
Beatles '66
Beatles Sixty Six and a Half 1966  
Beatles '67
Beatles '68: Souvenir Song Album with Photograph
(14 songs mostly from 1967's All You Need is Love thru 8/68's Hey Jude plus the newer Yellow Submarine LP songs. Period songs Flying, The Inner Light, and Blue Jay Way are not included. This is a nice book that is well illustrated with black and white pictures. 6 pictures are from the filming of the Revolution promo. One of these pictures is similar to the one in the Beatles Anthology 3 booklet on page 5 where McCartney is wearing a jacket, two are from the Hey Jude promo and one from Magical Mystery Tour. Two stills are from Magical Mystery Tour but not shown in the film (Lennon and Starr talking to McCartney dressed in a military uniform), and McCartney with the midget on a two person bicycle. And one of McCartney and Starr at a recording session. And last but not least, a letter from Dick James, "The Publisher").
1969 Campbell, Connelly & Co.
Beatles vs Elvis
Concise Beatles Complete, The
(384 pages including one b&w picture and the British discography on another 11 pages. The arrangements are a lead sheet with guitar chords).
1982 Music Sales Ltd.
The Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album (not numbered but is No. 1)    
The Second Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album    
The Third Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album    
The Fourth Fabulous Beatles Souvenir Song Album    
Let It Be
(24 pages with no illustrations. Missing I Me Mine, Dig It, Maggie Mae and For You Blue).
04/83 Music Sales Ltd.
Magical Mystery Tour
(The Fool on the Hill uses the Sergio Mendez and the Brasil 66 version. Magical Mystery Tour, Strawberry Fields Forever and Penny Lane use the Hansen/Warner Bros. arrangement. All others use the Campbell, Connelly version).
07/77 Music Sales Ltd.
(36 pages including a 3 page catalog. No pictures are included in the book. All three George Harrison songs are erroneously credited to Lennon and McCartney. The same mistake occurs with I Want to Tell You in Hansen's version of the Revolver song book. Yellow Submarine is missing. Taxman, Doctor Robert, Love You To, and I Want to Tell You use the Campbell, Connelly arrangements. Eleanor Rigby, I'm Only Sleeping, Here, There and Everywhere, Good Day Sunshine, And Your Bird Can Sing, Got to Get You into My Life and Tomorrow Never Knows use the Hansen/Warner Bros. transcriptions. She Said, She Said and For No One use the Campbell, Connelly/Warner Bros. arrangement).
1974 Music Sales Ltd.
Second Book of 50 Hit Songs Composed By John Lennon & Paul McCartney
(144 pages including 2 pages with a black and white picture each, a letter from Dick James, and a 3 page catalog).
1967 Campbell, Connelly & Co.
Third Book of 50 Hit Songs Composed By John Lennon & Paul McCartney
(152 pages including two pages with a black and white picture each, 1 page catalog, and a letter from Dick James. This songbook also contains Woman (by Bernard Webb, we all know who that is) and Love in the Open Air).
1967 Campbell, Connelly & Co.
Beatles '69: Twenty One Songs from 'The Beatles' 'Double Pack' LP
(72 pages includes 4 page black and white reprints from the "White Album" poster and yet another letter from publisher Dick James.)
1969 Campbell, Connelly & Co.

Beatles Sheet Music - other countries
Title Year Country Publisher
Come Together 1969 France Northern Songs, Ltd.
Get Back   Holland  
Hey Jude   France  
I Want To Hold Your Hand   Canada  
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 1968 France Northern Songs, Ltd.
You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)   France  

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