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McCartney, James ("Jim", Paulís father, 1902-1976)
McCartney, Paul (member of a popular band in the 60s, b.1942)
McCartney, Peter M. (Paulís brother, stage name "Mike McGear", b.1944)
McCartney, Angela ("Angie", Paulís stepmother, married James Nov. 24,1964)
McCartney, Ruth (Angelaís daughter, Paulís step-sister)
McCartney, Angie (Angela Fishwick, married Mike June 7, 1968)
Asher, Jane (Paulís girlfriend 1963-1968, b.April 5, 1946)
Eastman, Linda (Linda McCartney, 1941-1998, married Paul March 12, 1969)
Eastman, Heather (Heather McCartney, Paulís step-daughter, b.12-31-63)
McCartney, Mary (Paul & Lindaís first daughter, b.8-28-69)
McCartney, Stella (Paul & Lindaís second daughter, b.9-13-71)
Wings (Denny Laine, Henry McCullough, Denny Seiwell)

The housekeeper, Auntís, Uncleís, and other friends and relatives

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