Beatles Concert & Tour Programs

1964 Tour Book
1965 Tour Book
1966 Tour Book

A souvenir program was issued for each of the three years that the Beatles toured from 1964-1966. They were sold at all of the venues (starting August 1964) and also via the Beatle Fan Club for $1.25. These three 12" x 12" 27-page books featured Beatles photos and ads, but no tour information!

In addition, three other cities printed their own programs, representing nine shows, as shown in the chart below. These local programs are much scarcer as they were printed for just one or two shows. Programs from the smallest of those venues (Paramount, Carnegie Hall) are even more difficult to find as far less were printed.

Here is a list of the known North American Concert / Tour programs. Click on City to view a photo of the cover, click on Location to view the ticket page for that show.

Beatles North American Concert / Tour Programs
Date City Venue Shows NM Value
1964 All* All
(without "$1.00" on front cover)
34 $ 50.00
1964 All* All
(with "$1.00" on front cover)
34 $ 85.00
1965 All All 16 $ 50.00
1966 All All 19 $ 100.00
2/12/64 New York Carnegie Hall 2 $ 1500.00
9/4/64 Milwaukee Milwaukee Arena 1 $ 100.00
9/5/64 Chicago International Amphitheatre 1 $ 125.00
9/20/64 New York Paramount Theatre 1 $ 500.00
8/20/65 Chicago White Sox Park 2 $ 50.00
8/12/66 Chicago International Amphitheatre 2 $ 50.00
*Although the Beatles played three concerts in Washington and New York in Februray of 1964, the North American Tour officially got underway August 19th at San Francisco's Cow Palace.

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