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Deauville Hotel, Napoleon Ballroom - February 16, 1964

(Ed Sullivan Show)

Miami 2/16/64

A complete unused ticket from the 8:00 pm performance. This is one of the rarest of all Beatles tickets, only a few tickets from the Miami shows are known to exist.
The red line was printed on the show tickets to designate that they were complimentary and not for sale.

Location Color Admission Comments
Afternoon (2:30)
General Admission Blue Complimentary Rehearsal
Evening (7:00)
General Admission White Complimentary Broadcast live


Venue location: Deauville Hotel 6701 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL.
Capacity: 2600
Dress rehearsals: Three (One each on February 14th, 15th and 16th)
Attendance: Sold out
Promoter: Ed Sullivan, CBS
Other Acts: Mitzi Gaynor, Myra Cohen, The Nerveless Knox's, Danny Lewis, Allen & Rossi


  • The Beatles were not the top billing for this show, Mitzi Gaynor was.
  • The Beatles were paid $3,500 for this appearance.
  • An estimated 70 million viewers in 22,445,000 households saw this live performance.
  • The songs performed were: 'She Loves You', 'This Boy', 'All My Loving', 'I Saw Her Standing There', 'From Me to You' and 'I Want to Hold Your Hand'.
  • As of summer 2020, the Deauville is still in business as the Deauville Beach Resort.

Rehearsal ticket

Rehearsal ticket. Image courtesy of Fab4Collectibles. Click for enlargement.

Rehearsal ticket

The Beatles rehearsing in Miami.

Rehearsal ticket

This lower grade ticket was sold by Heritage Auctions in November 2017 for $4,750.00.


Several vintage letters have surfaced that were distributed within various Miami hotels to hotel guests. The letters essentially explain that there are complimentary tickets available to attend the Ed Sullivan broadcast.

Casablanca Letter

Guest letter from the Casablanca hotel offering two complimentary tickets to their guests for the main show at 8:00pm. The Versailles hotel also offered free tickets, but for the dress rehearsal. Click for enlargement.

Sullivan 2/16/64 contract

Beatles contract for the Miami shows. The 8.5 x 11 contract was sent back and forth from NY to England to make sure that all the provisions were correct. Some corrections needed to be made in regards to the Beatles "Billing" for the show, so they had to VOID this contract once the provisions were corrected. Hence, the reason for the word "Void" writtin in the right hand corner in blue ink. point.

Hotel room assignments

Deauville room assignments for the Beatles party.

Deauville dispatch card for Beatles pick up from airport

Deauville signed dispatch card to pick up "The Beetles from England".

Ed Sullivan ticket rejection notice

Ed Sullivan ticket rejection notice.

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