Volume II

Worlds LARGEST Sgt. Pepper record

This Sgt. Pepper 34" diameter "record" was manufactured in 1984 by a company called Think Big, who published a catalog consisting entirely of oversized products such as pencils, paper clips, sunglasses, hats, stamps, and other items. Eight different 34" records were offered, including titles by Bruce Springsteen, The Police, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, and Frank Sinatra. Complete with "grooves", the vinyl discs featured 11" paper labels and originally sold for $40.00 each plus $12.00 shipping.

We originally bought a copy of Sgt. Pepper and Born To Run when they were first released. We still have the Sgt. Pepper album; unfortunately a local record store (Rainy Day Records in Olympia, WA) burned us for the Springsteeen disc.


Front cover of the 1987 Think Big catalog and inside page advertising the oversize records