Thirty rare Beatle records - what they were worth in 1976 & their value now.

(Note that the values given are for mint, sealed, or unique copies.
Values for copies in lesser grades would be much lower).
1976 Value1996 Value
1.The Beatles & Frank Ifield ("Portrait" cover)stereosealed$600.00$20000.00
2.The Beatles & Frank Ifield ("Portrait" cover)stereomint-$350.00$7000.00
3.Introducing the Beatles, blank backmonomint-$125.00$1200.00
4. Introducing the Beatles, brackets labelstereomint-$150.00$1500.00
5.Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Beatles (VJ LP)monosealed$150.00$2500.00
6.Beatleviews ‘66, interview LPmonomint$10.00$150.00
7.Hear the Beatles Tell Allmonosealed$150.00$1000.00
8.Slippin’ and Slidin’, promo 45, Apple 1883monomint +$45.00$300.00
9. Magical Mystery Tour, 16mm film reelstereomint-$220.00$400.00
10.Ram radio spots, original EMI 10" mastermonomint$100.00$1500.00
11."Yesterday"... And Today, 1st state butchermonosealed$300.00$6000.00
12.Beatles vs Four Seasonsstereomint$300.00$2000.00
13.Beatles ‘65, original Capitol black labelmonosealed$35.00$475.00
14.set of mono & stereo Butcher slicks(both)mint$750.00$3000.00
15.entire set of all 28 Capitol and Apple Beatles singles,
WITH sleeves, including "Can't Buy Me Love"
16.Ain't She Sweet, Atco LPstereomint-$40.00$150.00
17."Ringo" album w/long version of "Six O' Clock"stereomint-$35.00$150.00
18.Souvenir of Their Visit, VJ EPmonomint$25.00$175.00
19.John Lennon "Roots" albumstereomint$70.00$1500.00
20.The "Best of Tobe Milo Records" LP(both)sealed$8.00$400.00
21.Let It Be Dialogue, one sided interviewstereomint$8.00$75.00
22.Wings Over America, 3 LP test pressingstereomint$100.00$250.00
23.4 x 4 Capitol EP 5365stereomint-$30.00$250.00
24.Something New, original Capitol black labelmonosealed$30.00$550.00
25."Yesterday"...And Today, pasteovermonomint-$250.00$1000.00
26.Meet the Beatles, set of 12 different variations,
including record club
27.The Early Beatles, original Capitol black labelmonoshrink$35.00$200.00
28.Let It Be, boxed with book, UKstereomint-$100.00$250.00
29.Beatle solo 45s, complete set of all known variations,
90 different in all
30.Yellow Submarine, original Applestereosealed$7.00$100.00
An Increase of more than 1100% !Totals:$4,898$56,375

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